Sunday, December 18, 2011

Elder Daniel Smith, 18 December 2011


I got my package and that letter and i couldn't be more happy. thank you so much for sending me something. it meant allot to me. especially that letter!!! it was a big surprise. as for the GPS it was $100. and mom when your in Texas you need a gps. the roads are old and unorganized and when we leave to Dallas we don't have any maps. : ( I got a tomtom. its the cheapest i could find. its speaks in Spanish to me, so its our Liahona. for my refund i got $60. finally. but as for my tomtom I'm going to let my most trusted members borrow it for me and download a bunch of voices for me like Yoda or Mr. T.
my comp hates the cold but he's from Colorado. haha! so if we get a blizzard... bring it on.
my health has been good. just been waking up early or a speck late. we got a new phone and were trying to set the alarm,  its trips out sometimes.
A guy, john fletcher, wrote me. Is he the bishop? I assume so. He asked me to write back and answer a bunch of questions for the young men. Are there allot in that ward? was our last ward bigger? are there allot of rebel young men that need a lashing? haha!
Soooooooooo. I got a blessing and my Spanish has improved soooooo much since then. I can finally really understand the people. I was given allot of things. and I've been so blessed since. : )
We had a loooong week filled with eating food and finding people. We're still teaching the same people. Jesus Alberto Melgar is improving soooo much. He's invited his family to listen and to come to church. He said this is the truth he's been searching for. We will give him a chapter to read and he reads like 6 chapters ahead. He's in like chapter 16 of the Book of Mormon. He also stumbled by accident upon Moroni chapter 8 and said, "hey that makes sense". We invited him to a ward party and he said he will be a member one day. haha. wow. sad thing. he leaving to Kansas for Christmas for 2 weeks. So we look forward to setting a date with him when he gets home. We've invited him to be and he said yes, its just the date now. He is so golden. I'm so happy for them.
As for the Torres family we went over the baptismal interview questions with them just to see how they felt with them. The wife checked off on all of them but the father had some doubts about Joseph Smith. He doesn't read and pray often at all, but the wife does and that's why she is progressing. plus she's a Lamanite. es cierto. ; ). so we set a date with her for January 7th its for sure.
Like i was saying before we had a Ward Christmas party for the Latinos. There was such a goooooooood turnout, a lot of nonmembers. there was a childrens performance of the Nativity. It was sooooo funny! and then they had a pinata for the kids. we had two investigator families show up. very exciting.
We were fed a lot as usual but we just use a heck a lot of miles. Our miles got cut and we only have 35 miles a day, so we save them for our dinners, haha!  Kind of crazy but it is what it is. We ate with some Cubans and woooooooowwwwww. they talk sooo fast! and don't pronounce the end of their words. You really have to think about what their saying. Its the same for Puerto Ricans, they speak funny, but boldly like Italians. I like it, most people don't...missionaries and Mexicans.  You'd think that all Spanish people would be friends. No, No, No, Non ono  onononnooo.  A lot of people do not get along with Mexicans and Mexicans don't get along with Mexicans from Mexico City. haha!  For example, general Spanish words will mean different things to people in different countries especially in central and south America. very different.

Merry Christmas!
Love, Elder Daniel Earl Smith

Friday, December 16, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith, 16 December 2011


So first i would like to apologize for not writing last week. I was intending to do so but got to busy and the week past me by.

That's great that the family was able to get together and have such a good time. Sounds like everyone is doing good at home. Over here in this far away land things have been going well. My companion and I are really trying to set a good example of work for the mission and have been very blessed this last week in doing so. We were amazed ourselves with the many miracles that took place. We set some high goals at the start of our week and were able to blow those out of the water despite the fact of many challenges that took place.

This last week we began transfers, meaning we have started planning for next transfer and who will be serving with who and where they will be. We have had our hands full with other responsibilities so it has been a stressful week. I have also been sick the last three days we don't really know with what it is but there is a possibility that it is constipation...hehehe
Not to fun but I was doing some research on it and many things that can be a cause of it occurred this past week. For example stress, to much dairy, not enough water and not enough fiber. So I got some things I need to change fast so I can overcome this. It's not fun :(

So besides that weird stuff I'm still loving life out here and am dreading the day that I leave this country. I do look forward to the day of my return home. Although, the place I called home two years ago now seems so foreign. The same fears, questions and doubts fill my mind as did when I
left for this country which now after almost 2 short years has become the place that I now call home. With only three months left in my new home time has seemed to pick up and go faster each day. I hope I will be prepared for the end. I was only taught what to do to prepare for mission but returning from one, well, there are very few suggestions that I have found or maybe I just feel aren't enough.

I can't wait to get the Christmas package you sent. Did you find a tangled poster? It's okay if you didn't. I just found it to be very funny. So here is the info you need this is my personal phone number +36-70-702-1602 send me a text to make sure it's correct. You can look in your area book to find your code you need to dial out of the country. Other than that, the skype username I will be using is off2budapest under the name of Karen Smith (thats not you, that's a senior missionary here). So let me now what time you would like to call and I will talk it over with my companion.

I love my FAMILY!!
Elder kovács 102 (Smith)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith, Saturday, 19 Nov 2011

Hey family,

How is everyone doing this week? I received an e-mail from Nathan. It was really nice to hear from him. I'm so excited and happy for him. All these new things happening in his life!!

I had a good week, it's been busy but good. We have transfers coming up next week so we have had lots of work to do. We have also been getting ready for the new missionaries coming in. We are going to be having three Sisters and two Elder leaving at the end of this transfer and we are receiving 3 new sister missionaries this Tuesday.

This week we went on splits to a place called Nyiregyháza. I think I told you in my last letter that I was going to be going there this week. Well, we did and had a great time. We spent 2 days there because the area is hurting a little bit right now. The 2 days that we were there we almost gave out 100 Books of Mormons!! That's a lot! So we were really blessed while we were there. The people were willing to listen to us and to take a book and some even agreed to meet with the Elders another time.

This morning we went to play a game called squash. It's a game that they play here in Europe. Look it up online sometime. It's a really fun game! We go out with president Baughman about once a week and play with him. This morning he couldn't come with us because he was in Romania for a youth conference. So, we took krisztian with us. He is our investigator that is getting baptized next weekend. We had a fun time!!

That's really all that has happened this week. This weekend will be stake conference for us. So we have that to look forward to.

Have a great WEEK!!!!! Just think, in 4 and a half weeks we will be talking on the phone!!!!! I cant wait.

Elder Kovács (I have no idea why he signed off as "Elder Kovacs")

Monday, November 7, 2011

Elder Daniel Smith, 7 November 2011

HE-loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo arizona!
well we had another fast and great week soooooooo busy. i have had barely any time do anything like write in my journal yikes! well we had a good halloween they put us away near night for protection since its a bad time to proselyte or teach. lol funny huh? were still teaching the same people. and mom that date this week was changed a while ago sorry. moved up to nov 19th. we did excellent on teaching lessons this week. we hit 16! we haven't done that many in a while. patience pays off. and the lord is directing us to people ready. about Lorena... we visited her but she wasn't there. yeah we think every day about her problem, gonna go see her tuesday or wednesday. Jose and Sonya have not gotten married yet. turns out Sonya didnt even know how to. haha. wer'e not sure if they even want to get married though. we're like a counsel group for them haah. allot of people are having family problems everywhere. satan is really attackng them. you cant even take the slightest chance to let that happen. don't make exceptions for things. have family home evening every monday! you think its over when the boys are all gone? no. its says to even have it with your spouse! satan is real as we know. so lets fight and not sit idle while he works. i realized how great of parents i had. in my patriarchal blessing i really was PRIVILEGED to choose my parents. what a blessing. i remember thinking when we were kids "our friends parents let them do that, why wont you!? its not a big deal" you fought and you won good job. know that your son is proud of you both! you both did your responsibilities as parents. i wont wait to say that. its true. and i thank you! you did your best, right? haha.
other than fighting satan, were lovin it all. the mission improves all the time. its filled with ups and downs. but as i improve it gets better. not sure what to write the days start blending together. haha. defiantly things happen everyday though. mom and dad dont doubt doing a mission together!!!  let your spirit be stronger then your body. use your will power. ive learned that allot here. who cares if your sick and are gonna die. WORK! this is more important than your sickness.
Glad to hear everyone is doing good!
okay be back in 2013! bye ya'll
Elder Smith
Elder Ammon Smith, Sat, 5 Nov 2011 
Subject: Re: Elder Smith WRITE YOUR MOTHER


Everything seems to go by so fast serving here in Budapest. This week has just been full of zone conferences. I don't know what to write about really because we have been inside most of the week. Now that is not true what you said about me not writing you, if I recall correctly we were writing back and forth during the week. I just didn't write you on Saturday. I'm sorry.

We have been working very hard in our area. The area is exploding. We have been meeting with so many people that have been prepared to hear the Gospel. We put a very nice man on baptismal date today. I'm so excited for him to be baptized. We met with him today and had a wonderful lesson. He gave the closing prayer and it was one of the most heart felt prayers i have ever heard. I began to cry during his prayer! The spirit was so strong and it was testifying to me that he is ready for baptism. I became so excited over that thought and began to cry ( I had to wipe my eyes before he ended the prayer so no one could see that I was crying). The most cherished moments on my mission are when an investigator has their first prayer/conversation with their Heavenly Father. What a wonderful moment for both of them. Even though this wasn't his first prayer it was special.

How do you like the book you are reading mom? I have only one chapter left in it. I'm so sad because I have enjoyed reading the book so much that I don't want it to be over. So i have been saving the last chapter for Sunday. What chapter are you on? Thank you for the website you gave me about the book it was very nice, looking though it I was able to learn a few good things as well.

How is the family doing? Nathan and his girl?  Well I've got to get going now, I have a game of domino's to play with sister Smith and some of the Elders. 
Love you all!
Elder Smith 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Elder Daniel Smith, 31 Oct 2011

HOWDY DO DA DAY? and Happy Halloween!
Well its been another week Texas. Transfers are coming up in three weeks and were really pushing hard to get our investigators baptized by the 19th of November!!!!!
Today is halloween and prep day, so we have 1 hour to teach. Haha, at 7pm were not allowed to proselyte because its halloween. there's more to it idk. but to answer some questions real fast. No we do not get the Ensign we get the Liahona in Spanish. i loved the story about dad, and hearing from the family is nice! I hope nana and papa, grandma and grandpa are all doing dandy. No we did not get to meet coach mendanhall. our investigator couldnt come so we didnt either!
I'm still the whitest kid around, even in Texas people more look like me. blonde hair, white skin. then there's the opposite. the kind of people we teach. the dark skin dark hair people. : )
Here's a crazy story I had. This week we had this appointment with this lady named Lorena. As we were heading over to the apartment I got a prompting, I wasnt sure because i was confused why should i go over there. as we got to our appointment we both felt a feeling like there was an evil spirit around us. We questioned it and thought maybe we should go to another area. So we cancelled our appointment and headed in a direction we thought someone really needed us. We scavenged and looked around and found someone to talk to. We didn't get a return appointment; went home confused. The spirit will not confuse you!
So later we ran into Lorena because we wanted to see her, our past appointments fell through with her.  We met with her and her dad was with her to.  They had just got to their apartment and had some water to carry into their apartment, so I shouted "HEY DO YOU WANT ANY HELP?" in spanish of course. The father said YES, help me!  I said "okay, with what?"  He said "i'm sick!".  So I said okay what happened? (he had a hospital wristband on his wrist). To make the story short (I'm going into much in detail) he said "4 nights ago after work some gay guy went up to me, grabbed me by the neck and squeezed me" and said something (I don't remember what it was but it wasn't spanish).  He thinks the gay guy pulled witchcraft on him and the father has been possessed.  Lorena said he is usually not like this. He was acting weird.  We asked if we could pray for him or bless the house. Nooooooooo, he would not let us. Every time we would pray he would try to leave. At one time he said a prayer himself, he got on his knees and started reciting some prayer, "forgive me for this and that and for killing a dog?" idk, he lost it, so we just decided and said, "okay, lets pray".  He kept butting in and was trying to leave, at the end of the prayer he just walked away and Lorena was crying the whole way through, she was so appalled because her father was never like this. we told her if she needs anything we're there for her.  I think satan really doesn't want her to hear the message we have, he's attacked us and her family.
other than crazy stories our investigators are coming along. we really need to teach Lorena. write back Gueros.

me and my comp hit the top 8 companions for the month, number 8. out of the mission! wow. i feel honored. and its funny because we can work so much harder!
Elder Smith

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith, Sun, Oct 23, 2011
Goodmorning!(for me its morning)

Ok so I'm sorry that just now I am finding time to write you all. I have had a busy week learning all this new stuff! I love it here in Budapest! Almost a year and a half ago I was here and didn't really care for it to much; one because I didn't speak the language and two because I was just so excited to be on a mission and was learning all that I could so it felt like I just didn't have any time to really get to know the city or the people.

Being an AP is a lot different. I am enjoying it though. I have a good companion. He is also from phoenix AZ, He loves to skateboard. So we started talking about where we used to ride and it turns out we road at a lot of the same parks at home. We may have met before the mission but we just didn't know it. The church is very different here in Budapest its almost like a normal ward. There are so many people!

It sounds like Dan is having a great start to his mission. That's awesome that he is enjoying himself so much out there. He must be doing the right things and has a good companion. Tell him to keep up the good work and continue building a stronger love for the people and culture.

It was so sad to hear what happened to your parents mom (but a little funny at the same time). That's great that your family is all taking a part in helping them recover. So I know that mom has a calling in cub scouts but what about dad whats his calling? So Nathan starts his new job this week! That's GREAT! Tell him good luck for me.

That's it for this week. It will be fun to hear from everyone soon at christmas! I can't wait!

Have a great week. I love you all,
Elder Smith

I'm always checking my mail now that I am in the mission office so much so feel free to write me at anytime and i might find some time to write you back during the week:)

Elder Daniel Smith, 16 October 2011

dear mom and dad, things are improving here. the Spanish, the teaching, finding, companionship. i have learned so much about the gospel!!! my eyes i thought were opened and there probably still not but i understand so much! something i thought i would share with you is how the gospel blesses families. maybe you already know what im going to tell you. Its all about the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ that makes it possible for families to be united now and in eternity. The gospel unites families and allows them to be together for eternity. and when families live the principles of the gospel they can experience peace, joy and a sense of belonging and identity in this life. heres my favorite part. its a good reminder. family happiness is maintained by: FAITH, PRAYER, REPENTANCE, FORGIVENESS, RESPECT, LOVE, COMPASSION, WORK, WHOLESOME RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES, and my personal one UNITY. i've really been studying it to be able to explain it better. families are the best place to learn and experience the gospel and grow. families are ordained of GOD! you should read the family a proclamation to the world together as a family tonight and share thoughts, experiences, whatever. do it. well the mission has been a rush so far i will tell you that much. im turning brown and my hair is going black and i eat a lot of spanish food. i also speak another language.LOL

i've  seen so many blessings and how much the lord really loves each and everyone of his children. i have seen how he prepares them. puts them in the path of the gospel. i have had so many answered prayers here. hows my facebook? all i want to know is if people wanted to write me or get a hold of me. hows my bank account how much money do i have in it?
okay bye bye now.
brb if you write back.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith, October 10, 2011 


 That's great that everyone is feeling great. I checked out your new blog! It looks good. So does the new RV. I'm looking forward to going camping in it with you. I noticed in the picture that were sent of you camping that there was a lake. Did you have a chance to use the boat on it? How is everything with the new house going? Are you all making good new friends with the members in you new ward? Do you have callings? 
 So BYU is playing TCU... hmmmmmmm???? Ill have to admit i'm a little scared about this one. I do have good news though. This week was transfers and i have been given a new assignment as the presidents assistant and he loves BYU so he will be able to give me all the new updates on how they are doing. Plus at Christmas time he lets us watch one game that has happened over the session hahaha. I'm really excited for my new assignment as AP Its going to be a fun way to end my mission. I get to have a few holidays in budapest now hehe. I'm also going to learn a lot through this new assignment. Nathan do you have any tips for me? 
  This last week was very long. We spent some time looking up in-actives and like i have said in the past they cover this city for some reason. Its really depressing here working with all of these in-actives. We have really been working hard to help them but most of them don't care our are inactive for the weirdest reasons. So i am glad to be able to dust of my shoes and move on to a new area. We have seen much success in this area. I am grateful for that. We helped one person become active again. I have learn so much from him. I see so much of my self in him which is why i think we have been able to help him so much. 

I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all.

Elder Smith

Elder Daniel Smith, 

Helloooooo family!

Well I hope your having fun camping!!! Dad sounds like he's been inspired a lot with the blog, the business, and the scrips! sweet! Well, mom as for the bike, its fine. I actually used it on a transfer this week. Its a great bike.  I love it. It came in the package assembled except for a few things, but it works great! 
Well guess what?  Its transfer time and........................................................................................................................................I'm staying! So is my trainer. I love Lewisville so I'm glad. We're really building up the area as we humble ourselves and follow the Lords will. We've been getting investigators to church and are meeting with some great investigators that may be elect. My Spanish is coming along, its getting better! so, people tell me...ha ha, they're so nice about it too. If I say something wrong they correct me...ha ha. I have trouble conjugating, mainly.  
Did I ever tell you that we eat a lot now with the members?  The president approved that we could leave our area....and our mission area!  We go to Dallas almost everyday, although we can't proselyte it's nice and there are a lot of Espanos.  The food is so good here.  I'm in love with Mexican food.  We've had food from other countries like El Salvador and Honduras and tonight we're going to eat with some Puerto Ricanos.  We eat everything with tortillas and peppers...ha ha, I love it.  The people, the culture...ha ha. The mission president also approved that we can go to the temple now!!!! but we have to live within an hour, which I do...yeah baby!

Its been raining a lot! here.  The weather is so random here. one second clear skies. then boom. rain. then no rain. but its always humid so its hard to know what to expect. when it rains here, it rains HARD!

Hmmmm, well I'm doing well, I didn't get sick this week. But I'm super tired...ha ha, but this week flew by very fast.  We're always busy and doing something. I think I'm gonna fast tomorrow, so I can improve and become better at speaking Spanish and my knowledge of the gospel and for investigators.  Pray for me please I need them. Tell me how the trip went, send pics. And I loved the letter mom, thank you so much. It was handwritten! sweet! thank you!  And thank you for sending me my patriarchal blessing! life saver. 

Well much love, any questions? You know where to find me. 
hasta dos anos.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elder Daniel Smith, 6 September, 2011

okay family. I'm in the field and its so hard. so after i got off the plane we met the president then they talked to us blah blah blah. we bore our testimonies, based on our testimonies they sent us to certain areas. so after that we had a huge dinner. so much food. wow. no mas por favor. um not sure the order but we went to the APs apt. and all stayed there for the night. after that we went to a church building and hung out and studied then we met our  companions. my companions name is Elder Bateman. dad may like this he said he played for BYU he was the quarterback. he is soooooo obedient he is awesome. he is just a very impatient person. but he is very hard working. we are very different but hes a good trainer. the first week was very stressful. but finally things seem to come a little easier. Texas is like a different country. i don't feel like I'm in america. my Area is Lewisville. we got white washed. it was hard the apt was trashed haha. hmmm que mas??? well the mtc was preschool compared to the field. they apply everything ive learned here but the language is different. we learned baby spanish in the mtc. now its real. haha i struggle so much with the language. my comp. talks most of the time. he is fluent. hes been out for a year and some. im trying though. there's so much i could say. i love the spanish people more nd more everyday. i try to talk to them but my spanish is broken. i try!!! my study in the morning is getting better its so essential. Texas is sooooooo flat. there's spanish people here for surel they all live together. in certain areas. sunday was cool. its fast sunday. the ward is huge its like three stakes combined. muchos mexicanos. yesterday was a holiday so i didnt get to email. we have been sooooo busy I've never been so busy in my life. i love and miss the family much. 1331 airport fwy STE 305 Euless TX 76040. thats the mission office. they can send mail to me. idk my address here. well god bless y'all!! hasta luego.

so if anyone "outside the family" wants to talk to me they cant email me. its needs to be hand written and sent to the mission office. since i dont know my address plus i don't want mail sent here if i leave. i sent you the mission office address. well. love you all mom, dad, nathan, jessica and the pups. miss you all.  : )

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith,  4 September 2011

Hello, everybooooooodddddddddy!!!

It was a hot week in the mission. The new shirts you sent me were well used, very well. All the candy you sent me, well yeah that's gone. I think there was a misunderstanding about my old comp. He was from France so maybe that will help you understand him a little better, haha. My new comps name is Elder Miller, he is from Washington, he lives close to Bellingham. So we have been talking about lots of fun places that we have both been to over there. He has 1 more transfer left in the mission, he is a great missionary. We have done a lot of great work in the city so far together. I'm really looking forward to seeing what we can do this transfer. We have two awesome sister missionaries in our city with us, so we have a great district. There is a great spirit in the city for missionary work and we are all excited to work with each other. 

Probably the most craziest, weirdest and most disgusting thing in my life happened to me this week. I will not tell in this email. I think you will all have to wait till I get home. I might not even tell you all when I get home. I don't even know why i am bringing it up to you all now. Maybe just so you all can know that my mission is still very active with crazy stories haha. 
About my money, well to be honest, I'm always buying Mcdonalds, it's just so good I cant stop eating there. No, I'm just kidding, let's be more serious. I think most of my money has gone into new clothes (missionary clothes) I bought a new suit about a year ago. I bought some shoes about a year ago but they are already garbage. I also bought a few socks a while ago. I bought some whips and those are not cheep, hehehehe. IDK I think I'm doing good, knowing how I used to be. The rest of it will be for Christmas gifts and goodies for my self.

I love everyone so much, have a great week. 
I MISS YOU!!!!!!!

Elder smith

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith, 28 August 2011

Hey family,

 If you really want to know, I had a great bday. My comp and I went down to Veszprém to see an old investigator of ours get baptized. It was an amazing thing to see. The youth in Veszprém got me a gift and sang me a song. Guess what they got me, a cap gun hehehe, I loved it. We have been having so much fun with it. It's just what I wanted because at home you can get a handgun when you turn 21. So I thought that it was perfect for me. The day after my birthday we were invited to go to one of the member's homes. We made the cake you sent me and we made lots of other foods. It was so good! Thank you so much!! I didn't get to eat to much because my comp ate it all but o well I still have the cookies to make. While at the member's house we did something I thought I would never do. They have a bee farm for honey and well, yeah, we put on all the clothes and a mask and went outside and played with the bees, haha. It was so much fun!! After that I drove their tractor hehehehe. 

So we got transfer calls this week. I'm staying and getting a new comp, his name is Elder Miller. He is coming from the mission home, he was working in the office there. So I already know him a little. Some of the sisters I was in the MTC with, will be going home this transfer. So 2 will be going home and the other ask to stay another transfer. It's weird to see them go home. I got a wedding invite from my trainer, my first comp. It's so funny that he is getting married. I hooked him up with the girl he is going to get married to. 

Yesterday we had a concert. We sang songs about the restoration. I sang "I stand all amazed" with the guitar. I used the book that dad gave me. Everyone said it was good. So I guess I did ok.
Today is my comps last Pday in Hungary, so we are just going to do what ever he wants to. All I know is that he wants to go out to get some mexican food. 
Thanks for the birthday gifts. I loved everything. I had a great birthday! 
Have a great week!
Elder smith

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith
21 August 2011 - Happy Birthday!

Hey family,

Happy bday mommy. Sounds like you had fun with the girls. I got the box you sent me! Thank you very much for all the good stuff. How did you know I needed new shoe pads? Thank you for the new ones, they are very nice. I have been using the bath puppet you got me as well hehehe. You're right, my birthday this week is going to be awesome. We are going down to Veszprém to see one of the people that Elder Austin and I found, he is going to get baptized!!! What a great birthday gift!!! 

This week was a lot better. My comp and I had a very nice talk and now everything feels different (for the better). We were not really home too much this last week. We were in Budapest, Pécs, Székes and then Budapest again. So, It's really nice being home today. We were really tired from all the driving lol. This is the last week in the transfer. This was the fastest transfer of my mission. We get phone calls next, finding out where we are going. So I'll let you all know what's going on next week.

I think it's so funny that you are getting a new truck. Maybe you can keep the old one for me hehe. I really miss camping with the family or just with friends. I can't wait to be able to do that again. Our work here in Duna is going well, we have lots of people to meet with. We are going to have a great week. You want to know why??? Because every day this week we have about one feeding program lol yummy!!!! The yoga is going great, I feel a lot better because of it. My spin is getting a ton better as well.  I think by the end of my mission, if i keep doing yoga, my spin will be back to normal again. Thanks again for the box and the the yummy cake, I can't wait to eat it. I have already began to eat the sunflower seeds, they are really good and the twirlers, well there almost gone. I ate most of them while driving last week.thanks for the shirts and socks they are also being used. 

Have a great week Love you all.

Elder Smith

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Elder Daniel Smith, 18 Aug 2011 

So I haven't gotten my travel plans yet. I guess you will just know next week, um I guess I will call your cell phone so expect that. Uuuuumm so I have spent like 56 dollars that I need paid back since the time that I got here. It was for shirts, garments and an alteration. Hey, when I write you, can you please write me back like immediately so we could chat a little????????? Spanish is coming along very well and I have a lot of funny experiences being a zone leader.  For example, as zone leaders you sit up on the stand our branch president Stephens was giving a great talk...... and then he farted. No one below the stand heard it and idk if the other councilors did but me and my companion did and it took us way off guard. I didn't smile until after a whole minute, when I realized he really just did fart, then I started bawling really bad and everyone saw during the closing song. Luckily he did it near the end of his talk but I don't think he even knows he did it. I left and was getting the cry laugh going. i still laugh whenever I think about it, so funny. Hey write me back!!!!!! ummmmmmmmm
here's my attempt at my testimony is spanish.

yo se que mi padre celestial restaurado la iglesia otra vez en la tierra. yo se que el libro de mormon es verdadero. yo sento el espiritu much aqui en la CCM. el espiritu santo ayudarme a venir a cristo y testificar de la verdad. jose smith fue un profeta, el libro de mormon fur traducado por El. jesu cristo es nuestro salvador y por medio su expiacion puedemos ser libre de nuestro pecados y ser libre. Amo mi familia mucho, el plan de salvacion es real y familias son las eternas. 

There's much more I could say, maybe translate it??? haha if it comes out right. I'm running out of time. Thank you so much mom and dad and nathan, jessica, nana and papa, everyone!!! who supported me and encouraged me to go on a mission.  Ilove you all sooooo much. Tell nathan I love him a lot. He helped me and encouraged me a lot. Him and Ammon were good examples.

k love you all bye!!!!!!!!! I will send a letter

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Elder Daniel Smith, 17 August 2011
Okay yeah I finally got the package but very late, got it on Monday I think. It took forever to get here.  Uuuummmm no se hum, I loved the package. We're getting our travel plans today. I can go to the temple today. Last week I was sooooo sick. We've trained two new districts and still have some more training to do. We trained one last week and another yesterday. Hmmmm what do you want to know? Idk if I can call you or not in the airport. I have a lay-over or something. You already gave me a phone card a long time ago. Never used it, hopefully it works. I will email you again with the travel plans.... goodbye.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith
15 Aug 2011 - Papa is good

Hello family,

That's awesome that papa is doing great. I prayed so much this week for him. I'm so happy he is doing well.  I didn't get a letter from you this week so I don't really know too much about what is going on with each of you but I'm sure everyone is just fine. 

My companion and I are doing good. We have been going to many different cities, helping the other missionaries. I really enjoy this new opportunity I have had as a zone leader to serve more and to see how the work differs from city to city. It's not always easy work but it's worth it. Within our own city I feel that we could be doing a lot better. I've been kinda down lately because I felt as if we've hit the breaks a little bit. I respect my companion, he is just dwelling too much on home (how things will be and what he's going to do) and it really is a big disturbance to the work. I would like to see more out of our work but I don't' think it is going to happen, I can only do so much. (I'm a really hard worker and sometimes the missionaries don't like that.) Through time, I've been able to learn more about what it means to be a companionship. We sometimes just need to meet half way and respect each other and how they work. I think that is why it's a little different this time because I have seen my companion work in the past, before we served together, and I noticed that he was a hard worker and now it seems as if he is working under his capacity. I'm telling you all this because I have seen 2 different kinds of missionaries when they are in their last transfer. The one who kinda lets himself get tired and becomes different for the worse. The other is someone who works even harder who gives it more than he has ever before. I don't want to see myself fall into this trap. The last transfer missionaries are the most powerful and Satan knows this and he works harder on the older missionaries because of this. It's really sad to see missionaries fall into this trap. We have some very good investigators right now. We are working with a lot of in-actives and it's great seeing so many investigators and in-actives in church. Don't misunderstand me, our work really is going great. The leader here say they haven't seen the work go so well for a very long time. I just feel that we could do even better, well I know we can do better. 

So mommy, I told you about the investigator that is getting baptized who is pregnant. I was wondering, if it's not too much, if you could send her some cute little baby clothes, it looks like she is going to be having her baby in December. There is not a father for right now (he was a soldier from America). She met him when she lived in Spain. I don't think things worked out as she had planned.  So if you could, it would be nice.

EVERYONE have a great week.

Elder smith

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Elder Daniel Smith, 10 August 2011
K so yeah, weight is weight, I can lose it quick. I lost 2 pounds and can lose 1 every gym day if I just run. Yeah so at the temple I had the greatest feeling. I prayed for Aaron because I have been wanting the feel him and I had the most amazing feeling come over; so much peace and joy! I think he gave me a side hug cause I just had  so much warmth. I love and miss him and I expressed that in the temple.

btw I never got your package.... I hope to get it today!??!?!  Ammon said he's gonna send me more ties haha. I've almost spent all the 100 dollars I brought with me, sad but I needed stuff. You can get on my account and see what I recently bought using the card. I got shirt alterations, um probably will do that one more time. I sent you in the last letter how much I needed back. Hmmmmm well luv you all. My faith has grown so much here. Spanish is a struggle but it's coming along. Uuummmm write me back in the next five minutes!?!?!?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Elder Daniel Smith, 3 August 2011
Dear Mother and Father and Nathan,

Nathan, I'm so sorry about the beetle (to be honest as I can be) I totally forgot to pay or do something about the headlight and I never knew about the oil. I don't know much about cars but we took the car in often and they did the check-ups. I'm wondering why they wouldn't have done anything. I love you Nathan, you're in my prayers you and Jessica.

Okay, so here's some news, me and my companion are the new zone leaders. Now me and Ammon are zone leaders except his is more legit, I forgot to tell him that. Our leaders said they prayed and were inspired to pick us. Wow, I'm so grateful that the Lord trusts me enough to lead. We are to also be the perfect examples for everyone else. We're not supposed to be goofy and I'm pretty goofy but I pray for help in this new non calling leadership thing. WOW crazy huh!?!?!?

We got a talk from Gerald N. Lund on Tuesday, soooooooo goooood!!! Oh so good, it was about faith, I took allot of notes.

I've bought some things and I still dont know what youd pay me back on. i spent 6 dollars on two garment tops total. and $13 on a new white shirt. i also left campus a few weeks ago to get my sleeves tailored.

we go to the temple at 215??? last week was great except i brought my patriarchal blessing and i guess thats not okay. i told other people it was okay as well. we then got awkwardly talked to that nothing like that is ever allowd in the temple. i still dont understand why not. why cant i bring something where god is talking to me in the temple? where i could maybe recieve insight or revelation???????????

i was thinking about Aaron the other day and i realized how as a kid it really started off some of my testimony of the plan of salvation and that god cares about us allot. just allot of church things. i was just thinking and thought you might like that.

hmmmmmmm we still teach investigators all the time. i screwed up so bad yesterday. my companion and i were teaching Mario who been gone for two weeks and we were talkng about the restoration and then my companion switched to me to give me a turn and i told him our purpose and said "mario will you prepare yourself for baptism?" he was like, i ve already been baptized as a baby. i showed him moroni chapter 8 had him read some verses and i asked him do you believe the book of mormon? he said "well some of it i guess i kind of do". i told him to pray about it then he will know if he should get baptized. idk i screwed but it still worked out???? it was just to soon for that. i like to ask that question once they have a testimony of the book of mormon. our other investigator crecencia is getting baptized soon.
im not sure whether you guys get my letters or not. ive been sending some every week. maybe even multiple. you should let me know please!!!!

i want some letters from friends not here but hand written or through dear elder. i cant reply at the mtc to emails.

well all is well. im in good health whileeveryone else is getting hurt. my roommate and i gave a blessing to his comp. he feels better. : )
the food is the only thing making me not healthy. i weigh 136? 135? i lost two pounds one day when i ran two miles haha. i tried it again and only lost half a pound! POR QUE!!????

language is good were finally getting a good language study plan down. well love you all and the pups.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ammon Smith, 31 July 2011


As you heard we had a hard first week. This last week everything turned around, the work here just took off.  We saw so many amazing things happen. We were able to put one of our investigators on a baptismal date.  She is an amazing person and she will be getting baptized while she is pregnant; so 2 baptisms for one person haha just kidding. We had a total of 12 investigators in church this last week!! (I have never seen so many.) The church meetings were also very good. The spirit was there and all investigators enjoyed themselves. It still rained a lot this week and it looks as if it is going to start to rain here soon. Last week we went back to Veszprém hehehehe. We went on splits with the elders there. It was fun going back so soon. I really miss that city but I am really enjoying the new one that I am in. 

Tomorrow we are going up to Budapest for zone conference. I will be giving training on, sharing your testimony while working outside, kind of a lesson for on the street or stuff like that. After that we are going to go as a zone to Budapest Castle and we will just be having fun up there all day. Every summer we have a mission field trip so that is going to be taking place tomorrow. 

I'm sorry I stopped telling stories, I'll try to do better. So I will tell you all one now! My companion and I were driving down the street when a group of guys waved us down. I stopped the car rolled down my window. One of the guys walked up to the car and asked us for our number and said he wants to meet with us. So we said ok hold on let us write it down, then he said I'll just get in the car. I was like ummmmmm no! but he got in anyways. While in the back of the car he started looking through all of our stuff and taking things, it was really funny. You won't believe what happened next!!!!! he stoled a book of mormon!!!!!!!!!! haha.  After that we gave him our number and he got out of the car and we drove off. He never called but it was a good story.
Sound like Dan is having a good time and y ou all as well. If it doesn't rain today we are going to try and go whipping.

Thank you for all that info about hair, my comp will really like it thank you very very much!

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Smith

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith, 25 July 2011 

Hey Everyone!!
So about my new area. Well, it's not Veszprém and there is a lot of work to be done here. We had children climbing windows in sacrament meeting, little girls peeing on the floor, other children running around without clothes on. Hmmmm seem like we need to speak with some parents. My new comp is great!  I'm learning a lot from him and we are becoming great friends. We have great ideas and set some good goals for this transfer. It's a little harder doing missionary work as a zone leader but I'm enjoying it. My new apartment is nice. I've had better but I really don't care what my apartment looks like as long as I have a nice bed!! (My bed is nice.) It's also a little different driving everywhere instead of walking. I hope I don't get too lazy. It's been nice so far because it has been raining all week long. There are 4 missionaries here in Duna, 2 elders and 2 sisters. One of the sisters is one from my MTC group so we are just having a blast!

I was able to learn how to do something to take care of my back and to strengthen it. I have been doing yoga every day. This is the best thing for my back. It's funny…. I thought that yoga was just for girls but I was wrong. Yoga is really hard and a great workout. I have been using a program called P90X (Power 90 Extreme).  I hear it's one of the best to use. Most missionaries use this program so it was easy to get.  We told the sisters in our district that we have been doing yoga. They got so excited it was funny!!!  Then my companion made a bet with one of the sisters that he will be able to do a full split by the end of the transfer. It's really been funny seeing him trying to do it and I think he is going to be able to do it. 
Today it's raining so I really don't know what we are going to do. We might go tie shopping hehehe. You all should be proud of me, I gave many of my ties away to a member in Veszprém who is leaving on a mission.  I used to have about 70 ties but now I have about 45. 

We are going down to Veszprém tonight to go on splits with the elders there so it will be fun to go back haha. I'll be able to travel and see a lot more of Hungary now because we have to go on splits with elders in other cities.  It will be nice. I won't be able to work as much in Duna because of all the splits that we need to do but that's just how it is and we will be able to work with it.
Thats good to know that everyone is doing well. Have a great week. Ask me if you have more questions.

Love you all!

 Elder Smith

Monday, July 18, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith, 7-17-11

Hello fam,

I'm glad to hear that everyone is so bored at home. That just means I'm not missing out on anything fun! So about last week, I didn't mean to say 5 months, I wanted to say 5 transfers hehehe. I'm in no hurry to get home. 

So this week was good. My comp and I went to a small city outside of Veszprém. We found so many people to teach it was awesome. I'm very excited for him and his new comp to go back to that city. Yes, you read right, my comp is getting a new companion and I am leaving Veszprém. I am going to a new city near Budapest, it's called Dunaújváros. President called me as Zone leader!! So I'll have a great chance to grow in my leadership skills. My new companion is way nice and we are already good friends. (We were hoping to serve together.) He's from France. This will also be his last transfer of his mission, so I'm sure we will be working very hard. 

One of our old investigators started meeting with us again about 2 weeks ago. I found out that she is a spinal doctor so I asked her about my spin!  She said that she used to have the same problem and was able to fix it in one year through back stretches. They are going to help me with my back problems!! She said she will teach me what to do to help my back.  She and her husband own their own clinic.

Well that's all for this week. I love you all, have a great week.

Elder Smith 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith, Mon, 11 Jul 2011

Hello family

It was nice hearing from dad this week.I really enjoy the letters i get from him. Sounds like Dan is doing great and really loving what hes doing.
This week we really worked hard. We put one of our investigators on bap date. There was also a baptism here last week. Her name is Viki, she is 17 years old. i had the great opportunity to interview her for baptism. That was a great experience for the both of us. The work in Veszprém has been different lately because of it being summer but we have be able to to try new things as missionaries. It got up to 94 this week and it was humid. We had lots of fun working in the sun all week. We had a district meeting this week i gave a training on the natural man. As a district this week we also had a palacsinta night. A palacsinta is like a thin pancake. This week we are going to have a cheese night. A cheese night is when we bread the cheese and then deep fry it in oil. Its really good but not healthy. I really like cooking so i have learned a lot of fun things to do. There is another Elder in our district that likes to cook as well so we are always cooking something.
We have a great group of investigators right now. Each of them are very good people looking for truth. We also feel that most of them are ready for baptism so we are going to be inviting them to be doing that very thing this week. This is the last week of the transfer and i feel that i am leaving so i have kinda been bummed this week. I have been here to long haha. I have really enjoyed my service here im going to miss it. I'm also ready for something new, a new challenge! I like that feeling when you go to a new area not really knowing anything about it. So next monday we will be getting our calls which will be letting us know where we will be for the next transfer. So ill let everyone know.

HAVE a great week. BE missionaries!!!

Elder smith

Elder Ammon Smith,Mon, July 4, 2011


So the family takes the walk through the airport for the last time; the last Smith that will be going on his mission for a time. How does everyone feel now that Dan is gone? I sent a big letter home for Dan with a few ties in it; I don't know if he will like them,I don't really know what his taste is. There is also one of my memory cards in the letter with all the pictures from the first half of my mission. I hope you all enjoy those. Please let me know once you get it.

Thats great to hear that dad is feeling well enough to go back to work. My companion elder austin was sick for three days this week. WOW! was that  hard just sitting around for three days I almost read the entire Book of Mormon. So i had a great three day study. He is doing just fine now and we are back to work. YES!! We already only have 2 weeks left in the transfer so we are really trying to finish strong! So other than those three days of study we just had normal day of preaching. The week flew by. Today our district wants to do something fun for the 4th of july but we have no ideas so we will see what we will come up with and ill be sure to take some pictures. Im really enjoying every second i have here in Veszprém itis a very beautiful place. It really hit me this week that this is probably my last 2 week here in veszprém, so I'm really just taking everything in and am trying to leave on a high note. I love missionary work and how much closer i am to our heavenly  father because of it. I hope that each of you are always looking for ways to serve others and to share the gospel. I love each of you. Im doing great! My back and neck are just fine.
Have a great week!!!!

Here is a quote the comes to mind when i face hard times in our work.
"and my people must needs be chastened until they learn obedience if it must needs be by the thing which they suffer"


Monday, June 27, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith, June 27, 20011

Hello family,

Sounds like everyone is doing just great at home. Dan is getting ready to leave on his mission, dad getting better, mom is having too much fun with her sisters and family and Abby can swim.

We’re doing great here as well.  We were in Budapest last week for a zone conference. I was hoping to find a box waiting for me but I didn’t find anything. I’ll be sending my box home now that I have an address. There is some things for Dan inside so you will have to send those things to him.

The work is going great here. We have been having trouble finding people that want to meet with us but we are working hard on find those people and sharing the gospel with them. We were blessed to teach an inactive family this last week and put a 10 year old boy in that family on bap date. He is a very smart kid and wants to be baptized and knows why it is important. Please pray for him to come to church lol.  We feel this might be something that will hold him back from being baptized. Péter, the man who was baptized last transfer, painted me a picture of the dream Lehi had in chapter 8, it’s very cool, I’ll send a picture of it if I remember to take a picture of it. He has never seen a picture of it before so it’s kinda different but it is great! He is doing so good and is a very active, the members love him a lot. Flora the girl that was baptized last transfer is also doing very well. She fits right in with the youth and has a new glow about her and its burning bright.

I feel that this is my last transfer here in Veszprém. This city has a big place in my heart. I love the people here so much and we have been through so much together. We are already 3 weeks in the transfer so there are only 2 and a half left. Time is just flying by and it seems like Elder Austin and I just got the call that we would be staying together another transfer.
I’m going to take some time now to try and send some pictures. I love you all have a great week!!!

Elder Ammon Smith, 19 June 2011 - Father's Day! :D

Wow sounds like everyone is just doing great!
 I don't know where to begin. We had another great week here in Veszprém. I’m beginning to get a little nervous, our zone leader said that they are using our district as an example of how missionary work should be done in our mission. There was a zone leader meeting and he said they kept talking about the Veszprém district. So I feel the pressure and feel like I need to do everything perfect. That’s how I felt at the beginning of the week but I’ve learned to just forget about it and do what we were doing before. I'm so grateful for how well the work is going. I love seeing the change that the gospel brings into peoples lives. What a wonderful blessing to be a part of something so important and what an even bigger responsibility it is to be the ones to share that message with them that will bring them joy for all eternity.

On Saturday we went to a Hungarian cowboy  carnival. Wow was my name just written all over that place. There was just so much fun stuff everywhere, don't worry I didn't buy anything, I wanted to but I didn't. There was a competition were you go around doing a few things like whipping, shooting an arrow, throwing a knife and some other things. Anyway the most you can score is a 75, I scored a 71 and one of the people leading this thing said to me, you must be Hungarian. He was a little shocked when I told him I’m American.  I’ll send some pictures next week, I took a lot. I forgot to bring it today.

 That's great to here that dad is doing better and that Dan is so close to leaving on his mission.

I hope you all have a great week,

Elder smith

P.S.  Only 5 transfers and I could be home. That’s as long as I have been here in Veszprém.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ammon Smith, June 12, 2011

I put lots of new pictures up on facebook!!!

Hey family and friends,

I thank everyone for all the letters I got last week. I went up to Budapest last week and was shocked at how many letters I got! I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing great. I think it's so wonderful how many missionaries are leaving from our stake. I'm so proud of everyone for making such good choices.

It really hit me last week that I don't have much time left in Hungary. I started to miss all the old places I had served in and how amazing they are and all the kind people that I've met. I was really motivated by these feelings to work harder.

I was so happy to find out that I would be staying here in Veszprém. There is so much work here right now; my companion and I are always busy. I've been here so long, since christmas and because of that we walk down the street and always see people that we have spoke with on the street and at their homes. So there is just a feeling of home here; so I think I will stay when the time comes to go home. It seems unreal when I think of what home will be like when I'm back so I don't think about it!

This last week was full of great work and many miracles. I was given the assignment to stay as district leader. I was very grateful for that privilege again. I really enjoyed the opportunity last transfer to serve such wonderful Elders. My companion and I were so excited when we heard that we will be serving another transfer together and even more excited when we heard that no one in our district would be leaving. We have seen so many miracles together and have a very strong love for each other. The Branch president pulled us aside this last Sunday just to let us know how grateful he is to have such fine missionaries serving in the branch. (I think it became a ward last week.) I have never had anyone do something similar to that in my mission. We are very grateful for him as well and the love that he has for the ward.

The ward farm is looking beautiful, there are so many delicious things growing right now. The ward has become so much closer because of the farm and the members are out there every night to take care of their crops. So they have so much time to become closer and serve each other.

This last week we went cherry picking. We picked about 4 pounds of cherries. They were so good we even picked some strawberries. I can't even explain how good they were. I also feel sorry for Elder Austin because I ate them all.

On Monday we went on an all day picnic with the branch; we all had so much fun together. We rode our bikes about 20 miles away to a beautiful place. We played games had some good food and enjoyed each others company. I got a little sick from being in the sun so long but it was worth it. I'm doing great now.

I love you all,

Elder Smith