Thursday, July 28, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith, 25 July 2011 

Hey Everyone!!
So about my new area. Well, it's not Veszprém and there is a lot of work to be done here. We had children climbing windows in sacrament meeting, little girls peeing on the floor, other children running around without clothes on. Hmmmm seem like we need to speak with some parents. My new comp is great!  I'm learning a lot from him and we are becoming great friends. We have great ideas and set some good goals for this transfer. It's a little harder doing missionary work as a zone leader but I'm enjoying it. My new apartment is nice. I've had better but I really don't care what my apartment looks like as long as I have a nice bed!! (My bed is nice.) It's also a little different driving everywhere instead of walking. I hope I don't get too lazy. It's been nice so far because it has been raining all week long. There are 4 missionaries here in Duna, 2 elders and 2 sisters. One of the sisters is one from my MTC group so we are just having a blast!

I was able to learn how to do something to take care of my back and to strengthen it. I have been doing yoga every day. This is the best thing for my back. It's funny…. I thought that yoga was just for girls but I was wrong. Yoga is really hard and a great workout. I have been using a program called P90X (Power 90 Extreme).  I hear it's one of the best to use. Most missionaries use this program so it was easy to get.  We told the sisters in our district that we have been doing yoga. They got so excited it was funny!!!  Then my companion made a bet with one of the sisters that he will be able to do a full split by the end of the transfer. It's really been funny seeing him trying to do it and I think he is going to be able to do it. 
Today it's raining so I really don't know what we are going to do. We might go tie shopping hehehe. You all should be proud of me, I gave many of my ties away to a member in Veszprém who is leaving on a mission.  I used to have about 70 ties but now I have about 45. 

We are going down to Veszprém tonight to go on splits with the elders there so it will be fun to go back haha. I'll be able to travel and see a lot more of Hungary now because we have to go on splits with elders in other cities.  It will be nice. I won't be able to work as much in Duna because of all the splits that we need to do but that's just how it is and we will be able to work with it.
Thats good to know that everyone is doing well. Have a great week. Ask me if you have more questions.

Love you all!

 Elder Smith


  1. Elder Smith, Good luck in Duna! Sounds like you have your work cut out for you in your branch. Congrats on the yoga - better you than me, buddy!

    You've probably thought of this already, but if you approach the problems in child behavior from a reverence=respect+love point of view, you might get the parents (and older kids) on board. The other part is making the parents responsible for cleaning up after their kids... Just the idea that the chapel is the Lord's house and we need to respect and care for the chapel might help. Hope this is helpful - you're in our prayers.

    If your mom hasn't told you yet, we're going on a mission to Tonga in October. We'll be training teachers there. So we'll be joining you in the field shortly!

  2. I forgot to say it was Jim and Bea Szoka, from Italy.