Monday, August 6, 2012

Elser Daniel Smith, 06 August 2012 helloooooooo. well thanks for the good letter. and yeah i usually write joel. he just updates me a little on his mission and how he cant wait until college haha. but there working it sounds like. were you ever able to send those letters to the emails yet? well this week was good. i am serving with elder bobak and im really trying to help him learn spanish and be a good teacher. im not so sure how well he was trained but he sleeps during studies so im working on that. and he did better today. anyways we met an RLDS member. pretty weird. and it was sad how lost they are. they use the book of mormon, they use Dand C up until joseph smith dies and do not have the pearl of great price. but they believe because of some promise given to joseph smiths lineage that its blessed so they should follow them i guess.......... or more over it was the lazy people that didnt trust in the lord and more over in man to not have followed brigham young and the saints to utah. thanks emma smith. you did good work in the end but i dont think you saw the results when you left the church. i dont understand how they could follow such i thing. i tried to picture myself in that but i couldnt. its foolish. they believe in the restoration. thats the scary part. anywaaaaaaayssssss. good stuff. we have two bapt dates and some good potential! were excited. good stuff coming. pray that we can save one soul! at least. some one who is legit. and wont go inactive. sounds like its pretty hot there in mesa! haha. i love our branch president here. they try to help us allot in the missionary work! im scared but excited for the branch split. can you do me a favor and check my credit account. it says that i have $0! which is not possible and if it was then they would be charging me weekly until i get it filled. im just not sure. if you have to switch my savings to the other account. thanks! im going to try and start learning to cook food. i can cook two dishes already. a colombian one which is funny. its a platano with cheese. and then a poor man mexican dish. with corn tortilla, eggs, meat, tomato, and onion. well you can just get creative with it. but im going to start offering to cook for people to get appointments. sound good or what!?!?! haha eat then teach. wow did you know that i drive now? i drive a dodge van haha. the only van in the mission. dont ask why. not sure either. but im not complaining. im preparing for when i get home... ;) yuppppp my health is good. i just need to work on staying in shape better. im not fat. just im always watching my weight. i swear im not fat haha. cool. miss yall. i hate hearing when you go camping i look forward to that when i get back. and i will see ammon at eac as well. i just need to get a job there!!!!!!! is eac higher learning?haha my patriarchal blessing says to go for that. haha. but i guess that just depends on what you study. cool. i could use a care package :0 stay FELIZ como una LOMBRIZ! PREVIOUS LETTER from Dan- hello hows it goin yall!? its hot mom. no rain. its going to be hot this week too. above 100 and guess what its transfer week again. im on my 9th transfer! woo hoo. yup. my comp. elder long is leaving. hes going to arlington. south. i was central but its still the same ward. thats so cool. im filling him in on everything. elder bobak is coming here from arlington. i already know him we went on some exchanges together. hes short like me. so yeah. haha. he is also from idaho. all these idahoans. they all have a different way of speaking just like people from utah. i believe i will be the driver. did i tell you we drive a van?! the only ones in the mission and i dont know why. but its cool. text nate for me and tell him to get on i sent him a message. or ask ammon. i need to know how to prank some missionaries back for filling our car with confetti. jerks. but things sound like theyve improved allot more then what they used to be. all your letters in the begining of my mish were negative or about the bad things happening but glad to know your all doing great! im still sad about adam mackey not getting out and serving. do me a favor and get me his address. tell him i want to write him. or he can write me! i was reading my patriarchal blessing because on sunday a patriarch came from mexico and was talking about them. i loved that. because i love mine and my grandpa is a patriarch too! but anyways i was reading over the part that talks about my mission and i thought well im glad im here now and it is where im supposed to be. and i felt the spirit really strong. then i thought is that supposed to be a spiritual conformation??? then i felt it again. so cool. well i miss yalls! stay cool. and write me back

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Monday, February 20, 2012

Letter to Daniel's Mission President

All missionaries are suppose to write their mission president weekly. Occasionally, Daniel will "cc" us his letter to his mission president and the following is his letter to him this week.

hello president.

this transfer so far has been pretty crazy. i got sick the first day and am still getting over it. its really weird. doctors don't know whats wrong with me. but im fine. doing the lords work. training is really nice ive always had that desire to do so. ever since bateman i would always wonder how would i do that. what would i want to know. Elder hill is amazing. he came trained. he already knows allot and adapts very quickly. he has a quick sharp memory. allot better then
mine. he remembers almost all of the investigators names. he is a very hard worker as well. im proud to serve with him. sad that he will be leaving as well. its been interesting being a district leader as well. with Zone leaders in the disctrict. it makes things allot easier. its
really interesting to see where the district stands as well. i pondered allot this morning as to what could help them. i think based on their numbers and questions i came to the conclusion that "finding" is what we struggle with. do you have any suggestions as to what i could help them with during district meeting?
as for our investigators. we have a great set that seriously was placed in our hands. the lord just prepared them for us. the first emilia and rosalio they just called one day and said they want to get baptized. there daughters got baptized in florida recently. they have a bapt date for the 3rd of march. the next couple, rosi and miguel. they just showed up to church one day and wanted to do all they could to follow jesus christ and they loved the way we do things. they met with the bishop recenelty and we attended there wedding. they as well want to get baptized. they have a date for the 17 of march. that's that.
Elder Smith

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Elder Daniel Smith, 20 February 2012

Here are two of Daniel's letters; one from and the other from last week. He is now a District Leader and is also a Trainer (a trainer teaches new missionaries the in's and out's of how things work)
Sorry, but I don't know Spanish so I can't translate some of his words. :?
We haven't heard from Ammon in a couple of weeks. Prior to that we just got a sentence or two saying that he is very busy right now.
Love, Karen

okay, sooooo check it out.
my first day of training i was sooooooo sick. im still a little sick.
i think i got bit by a bug.

so about DL all i do is make sure everyone in the district is good.
answer questions, support and encourage them. get numbers. depending
on all that i give a district meeting according to their needs. esta
bien. training is another story. my comp he is amazing. he came
trained im barely trying. hes awesome. the problem however is that he
is a visa waiter and will leave next week. : ( then..... i will get
another visa waiter. im not sure when he will leave. probably he will
make it to the end of this transfer. : ) but im loosing my escuincle.
oh well. so its been a crazyyyyy first week of this transfer. habia
muchas cosas. i miss elder jones too. he was my favorite comp. and i
only had him for a transfer. tender mercies. tender mercies.

well idk if you remember me talking ever when i was still in
lewisville we were gonna baptize Mari Torres but then i had to leave 3
days before she got baptized! oh well. guess what. she was baptized.
and then later on this transfer, the father Roberto was baptized. now
the kids should too! hoorayyyyy! planting seeds baby. i knew he would
eventually get baptized. so happy.

we should have 4 baptisms this transfer. 2 have a very segura fecha.
Emilia and Rosalia. but this old couple we just need to meet with them
and set one up. they both came to us. so it was a blessing. the lord
is always preparing people for us to teach. seriously.

well hopefully i get my package soon. : ( just here. all alone.
without a package. all alone. no family. all alooooooone.

would yall like anything. souvenirs? i live next to allot of shops.
Mexican ones. that sell cool Mexican stuff. like hats. whatev. just
put money in my account. and you got it. dad did you know that there
is a koa right next to our house? its the Dallas metro koa. muchos

pues debo marchar pero te amo mucho. tiene mi corazon. y recuerdate mi
hijo "NO MANCHES!"

Daniel's letter from last week

hey madre mia!! no me lo dias eso! hay chihuahua huey!
sooooooooooooooooooo i have such good news. such good news. its so goood that im not going to tell you. haha. sorry. im sending a letter home with all the details. yeah. but i will give you a little something of what i did this week. we went to the dallas cowboys stadium. wow. sooo freakin cool!!!! i took pics then my camera died. but we went to the lockers and a bunch of clubs. it was a cool tour. $20. its in our area! so i can go back any other pday if you want souveniers. i almost bought a hat but i cannot afford one. : ( but dad i feel sorrow for you. it was a really cool experience. maybe we can go again. Together. they have the most flat screens in any stadium, plus its the largest stadium in the world. i just know allot of random facts. we went to the vip center where jerry jones hangs out when he watches the games. pretty coool. and the main screen in the stadium was soooooooo big. one of the largest in the world. they showed the highlights of the cowboys. i actually liked football. i think i like it a little now. que raro huh!?
so yeah im a missionary sorry. i work and am serious and am not able
to do things like that. thats sinning. our investigators. really good. we have 4 solid baptismal dates. its transfer week. not saying anything about that. sorry. saved for the letter. aaaaaannnnnnddd. we do not say espanols. if you were to say that it would be espanoles. but those are people from spain. they say espanos. bien sencio. so hope everything is good. write me back. so are you not sending the package until nates done with my ipod?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Elder Daniel Smith, Mon, 9 Jan 2012

Elder Daniel Earl Smith
2106 Willcrest Dr apt #227
Arlington, TX 76010

> news... i did not get your letter. sorry. and now im gone. im sure
> they got it and read it!!!!!!!!!
> welllllll Arlington is awesome mother. so much spanish people here.
> its all black and spanish. but dont worry we lock our bikes. allot of
> people dont mess with the missionaries here though. because they know
> who we are andrespect us too. so if someone takes our bike its
> because they didnt know. no worries right? haha
> my comp is named Elder Jones hes from wyoming and hes a transfer
> behind me. weird huh? i would love to send you some pics and stuff its
> just we got so busy today we had to help someone whose house flooded.
> tell nathan to send me my music. and mom i can send you pics if you
> send me a card so i dont have to print them. well. maybe i dont want
> you to see them all. haha.
> so nathan read my stuff huh. thats embarrasing. my mtc planner sucks
> and now he will know the thoughts i had in the mtc. well mom the bike
> area is awesome i dont stress about car driving. thanks again for my
> presents i love those shirts. : ) i will send packages every time i
> get transfered. : ) or less. ;)
> what else do you want to know?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Elder Ammon Smith, Sun, 8 Jan 2012

Well, I see that you enjoyed my letter from last week. I'm sorry for that, it was a busy week working with computers and by the end of the week I never wanted to use one again. For the new year we had to update a few systems that we use her in the office. That was definitely the bane of my week.

As for good news, we are having another baptism this coming weekend. Her name is Andi. She is 40 years old and she was referred to us by a member. She is a very nice lady, and we are so excited for her! We have seen an enormous change in her these past few months as she has been obedient in prayer, reading the scriptures, and keeping commitments. It truly is a blessing to be able to witness one of Heavenly Fathers children returning to Him.

My companion and I have both taken on fairly hard assignments this past week. We will be reopening an area. It was closed down because missionaries about 3 to 4 years ago said that their work had died out there. This area is located north of Budapest. My companion and I have been working out there a little bit recently and have found success. So, we spoke with the Mission President and made it official. We are moving out to this area, which is called Óbuda, and will begin working there as hard as we can. The President has given us 6 month to make something out of this city. If not enough success is found after this allotted time the area will be closed.
President has also informed me that this will be my last transfer as his assistant. Next transfer I will be receiving a new missionary and will also be working in Óbuda. We have spent some time looking for an apartment and for a meeting house that we can use to teach and hold programs. We have already found both! So, now that I know what my last assignment is. I feel that I will be able to concentrate all my attention to this. Like I said in the past, I would like to finish my mission with alacrity. I don't want to get distracted by the fact that I'm going home (as exciting as it sounds). I still have the last words of what my wonderful mother whispered to me, while holding me in her arms at the airport, echoing in my mind, "Don't waste one second". I don't know if I have lived up to these words in full but I still have some time left on the clock. I would like to play hard until the clock runs out. I have been given an amazing opportunity to do so!

Sok Szeretettel,
Smith Elder

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Elder Daniel Smith, Tue, 3 Jan 2012

> > well sorry its tuesday i guess lazy people still consider monday the
> > holiday. : ) so we had to chill
> >
> > do you remember that time in italy when the field was on fire and the
> > italians were throwing wine. idiots.
> >
> > well i havent gotten your letter probably because of the holidays.
> >
> > for the holiday we just went to a failed party. and went to bed. thats the
> > mission life. haha.
> >
> > but i have a surprise!!!!!
> >
> > im getting transfered woohoo!
> >
> > im going to Arlington. a bike area. my comp. is named Elder Jones. hes been
> > out two transfers now. so two younglins are gonna tear it up! His last comp
> > was from mexico so he should be pretty good at speaking spanish!
> >
> > im leaving tomorrow morning at 8! its about an hour away. the sad thing. im
> > leaving my hometown. and a baptism that ive worked on for 3 transfers and
> > shes finally getting baptized on 1/7/12. i will send a pic of her
> > eventually. Mari Torres. awesome lady.
> >
> > i also sent a package home!!! surprise. allot of goodies from the mish.
> > please keep it safe you can look through it all too. well hopefully you all
> > write back.
> >
> > i always get stressed about packing. dont want to forget something. how am i
> > gonna pack that. mtc was the worst because of the weight.