Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ammon Smith, 31 July 2011


As you heard we had a hard first week. This last week everything turned around, the work here just took off.  We saw so many amazing things happen. We were able to put one of our investigators on a baptismal date.  She is an amazing person and she will be getting baptized while she is pregnant; so 2 baptisms for one person haha just kidding. We had a total of 12 investigators in church this last week!! (I have never seen so many.) The church meetings were also very good. The spirit was there and all investigators enjoyed themselves. It still rained a lot this week and it looks as if it is going to start to rain here soon. Last week we went back to Veszpr√©m hehehehe. We went on splits with the elders there. It was fun going back so soon. I really miss that city but I am really enjoying the new one that I am in. 

Tomorrow we are going up to Budapest for zone conference. I will be giving training on, sharing your testimony while working outside, kind of a lesson for on the street or stuff like that. After that we are going to go as a zone to Budapest Castle and we will just be having fun up there all day. Every summer we have a mission field trip so that is going to be taking place tomorrow. 

I'm sorry I stopped telling stories, I'll try to do better. So I will tell you all one now! My companion and I were driving down the street when a group of guys waved us down. I stopped the car rolled down my window. One of the guys walked up to the car and asked us for our number and said he wants to meet with us. So we said ok hold on let us write it down, then he said I'll just get in the car. I was like ummmmmm no! but he got in anyways. While in the back of the car he started looking through all of our stuff and taking things, it was really funny. You won't believe what happened next!!!!! he stoled a book of mormon!!!!!!!!!! haha.  After that we gave him our number and he got out of the car and we drove off. He never called but it was a good story.
Sound like Dan is having a good time and y ou all as well. If it doesn't rain today we are going to try and go whipping.

Thank you for all that info about hair, my comp will really like it thank you very very much!

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Smith

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  1. That's probably a first - a stolen Book of Mormon! LOL! Who knows, someone might just read it eventually, and get some enlightenment. Glad you've started seeing some positive things at church, hope things keep going well!