Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elder Daniel Smith, 6 September, 2011

okay family. I'm in the field and its so hard. so after i got off the plane we met the president then they talked to us blah blah blah. we bore our testimonies, based on our testimonies they sent us to certain areas. so after that we had a huge dinner. so much food. wow. no mas por favor. um not sure the order but we went to the APs apt. and all stayed there for the night. after that we went to a church building and hung out and studied then we met our  companions. my companions name is Elder Bateman. dad may like this he said he played for BYU he was the quarterback. he is soooooo obedient he is awesome. he is just a very impatient person. but he is very hard working. we are very different but hes a good trainer. the first week was very stressful. but finally things seem to come a little easier. Texas is like a different country. i don't feel like I'm in america. my Area is Lewisville. we got white washed. it was hard the apt was trashed haha. hmmm que mas??? well the mtc was preschool compared to the field. they apply everything ive learned here but the language is different. we learned baby spanish in the mtc. now its real. haha i struggle so much with the language. my comp. talks most of the time. he is fluent. hes been out for a year and some. im trying though. there's so much i could say. i love the spanish people more nd more everyday. i try to talk to them but my spanish is broken. i try!!! my study in the morning is getting better its so essential. Texas is sooooooo flat. there's spanish people here for surel they all live together. in certain areas. sunday was cool. its fast sunday. the ward is huge its like three stakes combined. muchos mexicanos. yesterday was a holiday so i didnt get to email. we have been sooooo busy I've never been so busy in my life. i love and miss the family much. 1331 airport fwy STE 305 Euless TX 76040. thats the mission office. they can send mail to me. idk my address here. well god bless y'all!! hasta luego.

so if anyone "outside the family" wants to talk to me they cant email me. its needs to be hand written and sent to the mission office. since i dont know my address plus i don't want mail sent here if i leave. i sent you the mission office address. well. love you all mom, dad, nathan, jessica and the pups. miss you all.  : )

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