Monday, November 7, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith, Sat, 5 Nov 2011 
Subject: Re: Elder Smith WRITE YOUR MOTHER


Everything seems to go by so fast serving here in Budapest. This week has just been full of zone conferences. I don't know what to write about really because we have been inside most of the week. Now that is not true what you said about me not writing you, if I recall correctly we were writing back and forth during the week. I just didn't write you on Saturday. I'm sorry.

We have been working very hard in our area. The area is exploding. We have been meeting with so many people that have been prepared to hear the Gospel. We put a very nice man on baptismal date today. I'm so excited for him to be baptized. We met with him today and had a wonderful lesson. He gave the closing prayer and it was one of the most heart felt prayers i have ever heard. I began to cry during his prayer! The spirit was so strong and it was testifying to me that he is ready for baptism. I became so excited over that thought and began to cry ( I had to wipe my eyes before he ended the prayer so no one could see that I was crying). The most cherished moments on my mission are when an investigator has their first prayer/conversation with their Heavenly Father. What a wonderful moment for both of them. Even though this wasn't his first prayer it was special.

How do you like the book you are reading mom? I have only one chapter left in it. I'm so sad because I have enjoyed reading the book so much that I don't want it to be over. So i have been saving the last chapter for Sunday. What chapter are you on? Thank you for the website you gave me about the book it was very nice, looking though it I was able to learn a few good things as well.

How is the family doing? Nathan and his girl?  Well I've got to get going now, I have a game of domino's to play with sister Smith and some of the Elders. 
Love you all!
Elder Smith 

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