Sunday, August 21, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith
21 August 2011 - Happy Birthday!

Hey family,

Happy bday mommy. Sounds like you had fun with the girls. I got the box you sent me! Thank you very much for all the good stuff. How did you know I needed new shoe pads? Thank you for the new ones, they are very nice. I have been using the bath puppet you got me as well hehehe. You're right, my birthday this week is going to be awesome. We are going down to Veszprém to see one of the people that Elder Austin and I found, he is going to get baptized!!! What a great birthday gift!!! 

This week was a lot better. My comp and I had a very nice talk and now everything feels different (for the better). We were not really home too much this last week. We were in Budapest, Pécs, Székes and then Budapest again. So, It's really nice being home today. We were really tired from all the driving lol. This is the last week in the transfer. This was the fastest transfer of my mission. We get phone calls next, finding out where we are going. So I'll let you all know what's going on next week.

I think it's so funny that you are getting a new truck. Maybe you can keep the old one for me hehe. I really miss camping with the family or just with friends. I can't wait to be able to do that again. Our work here in Duna is going well, we have lots of people to meet with. We are going to have a great week. You want to know why??? Because every day this week we have about one feeding program lol yummy!!!! The yoga is going great, I feel a lot better because of it. My spin is getting a ton better as well.  I think by the end of my mission, if i keep doing yoga, my spin will be back to normal again. Thanks again for the box and the the yummy cake, I can't wait to eat it. I have already began to eat the sunflower seeds, they are really good and the twirlers, well there almost gone. I ate most of them while driving last week.thanks for the shirts and socks they are also being used. 

Have a great week Love you all.

Elder Smith

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