Monday, October 31, 2011

Elder Daniel Smith, 31 Oct 2011

HOWDY DO DA DAY? and Happy Halloween!
Well its been another week Texas. Transfers are coming up in three weeks and were really pushing hard to get our investigators baptized by the 19th of November!!!!!
Today is halloween and prep day, so we have 1 hour to teach. Haha, at 7pm were not allowed to proselyte because its halloween. there's more to it idk. but to answer some questions real fast. No we do not get the Ensign we get the Liahona in Spanish. i loved the story about dad, and hearing from the family is nice! I hope nana and papa, grandma and grandpa are all doing dandy. No we did not get to meet coach mendanhall. our investigator couldnt come so we didnt either!
I'm still the whitest kid around, even in Texas people more look like me. blonde hair, white skin. then there's the opposite. the kind of people we teach. the dark skin dark hair people. : )
Here's a crazy story I had. This week we had this appointment with this lady named Lorena. As we were heading over to the apartment I got a prompting, I wasnt sure because i was confused why should i go over there. as we got to our appointment we both felt a feeling like there was an evil spirit around us. We questioned it and thought maybe we should go to another area. So we cancelled our appointment and headed in a direction we thought someone really needed us. We scavenged and looked around and found someone to talk to. We didn't get a return appointment; went home confused. The spirit will not confuse you!
So later we ran into Lorena because we wanted to see her, our past appointments fell through with her.  We met with her and her dad was with her to.  They had just got to their apartment and had some water to carry into their apartment, so I shouted "HEY DO YOU WANT ANY HELP?" in spanish of course. The father said YES, help me!  I said "okay, with what?"  He said "i'm sick!".  So I said okay what happened? (he had a hospital wristband on his wrist). To make the story short (I'm going into much in detail) he said "4 nights ago after work some gay guy went up to me, grabbed me by the neck and squeezed me" and said something (I don't remember what it was but it wasn't spanish).  He thinks the gay guy pulled witchcraft on him and the father has been possessed.  Lorena said he is usually not like this. He was acting weird.  We asked if we could pray for him or bless the house. Nooooooooo, he would not let us. Every time we would pray he would try to leave. At one time he said a prayer himself, he got on his knees and started reciting some prayer, "forgive me for this and that and for killing a dog?" idk, he lost it, so we just decided and said, "okay, lets pray".  He kept butting in and was trying to leave, at the end of the prayer he just walked away and Lorena was crying the whole way through, she was so appalled because her father was never like this. we told her if she needs anything we're there for her.  I think satan really doesn't want her to hear the message we have, he's attacked us and her family.
other than crazy stories our investigators are coming along. we really need to teach Lorena. write back Gueros.

me and my comp hit the top 8 companions for the month, number 8. out of the mission! wow. i feel honored. and its funny because we can work so much harder!
Elder Smith

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith, Sun, Oct 23, 2011
Goodmorning!(for me its morning)

Ok so I'm sorry that just now I am finding time to write you all. I have had a busy week learning all this new stuff! I love it here in Budapest! Almost a year and a half ago I was here and didn't really care for it to much; one because I didn't speak the language and two because I was just so excited to be on a mission and was learning all that I could so it felt like I just didn't have any time to really get to know the city or the people.

Being an AP is a lot different. I am enjoying it though. I have a good companion. He is also from phoenix AZ, He loves to skateboard. So we started talking about where we used to ride and it turns out we road at a lot of the same parks at home. We may have met before the mission but we just didn't know it. The church is very different here in Budapest its almost like a normal ward. There are so many people!

It sounds like Dan is having a great start to his mission. That's awesome that he is enjoying himself so much out there. He must be doing the right things and has a good companion. Tell him to keep up the good work and continue building a stronger love for the people and culture.

It was so sad to hear what happened to your parents mom (but a little funny at the same time). That's great that your family is all taking a part in helping them recover. So I know that mom has a calling in cub scouts but what about dad whats his calling? So Nathan starts his new job this week! That's GREAT! Tell him good luck for me.

That's it for this week. It will be fun to hear from everyone soon at christmas! I can't wait!

Have a great week. I love you all,
Elder Smith

I'm always checking my mail now that I am in the mission office so much so feel free to write me at anytime and i might find some time to write you back during the week:)

Elder Daniel Smith, 16 October 2011

dear mom and dad, things are improving here. the Spanish, the teaching, finding, companionship. i have learned so much about the gospel!!! my eyes i thought were opened and there probably still not but i understand so much! something i thought i would share with you is how the gospel blesses families. maybe you already know what im going to tell you. Its all about the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ that makes it possible for families to be united now and in eternity. The gospel unites families and allows them to be together for eternity. and when families live the principles of the gospel they can experience peace, joy and a sense of belonging and identity in this life. heres my favorite part. its a good reminder. family happiness is maintained by: FAITH, PRAYER, REPENTANCE, FORGIVENESS, RESPECT, LOVE, COMPASSION, WORK, WHOLESOME RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES, and my personal one UNITY. i've really been studying it to be able to explain it better. families are the best place to learn and experience the gospel and grow. families are ordained of GOD! you should read the family a proclamation to the world together as a family tonight and share thoughts, experiences, whatever. do it. well the mission has been a rush so far i will tell you that much. im turning brown and my hair is going black and i eat a lot of spanish food. i also speak another language.LOL

i've  seen so many blessings and how much the lord really loves each and everyone of his children. i have seen how he prepares them. puts them in the path of the gospel. i have had so many answered prayers here. hows my facebook? all i want to know is if people wanted to write me or get a hold of me. hows my bank account how much money do i have in it?
okay bye bye now.
brb if you write back.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith, October 10, 2011 


 That's great that everyone is feeling great. I checked out your new blog! It looks good. So does the new RV. I'm looking forward to going camping in it with you. I noticed in the picture that were sent of you camping that there was a lake. Did you have a chance to use the boat on it? How is everything with the new house going? Are you all making good new friends with the members in you new ward? Do you have callings? 
 So BYU is playing TCU... hmmmmmmm???? Ill have to admit i'm a little scared about this one. I do have good news though. This week was transfers and i have been given a new assignment as the presidents assistant and he loves BYU so he will be able to give me all the new updates on how they are doing. Plus at Christmas time he lets us watch one game that has happened over the session hahaha. I'm really excited for my new assignment as AP Its going to be a fun way to end my mission. I get to have a few holidays in budapest now hehe. I'm also going to learn a lot through this new assignment. Nathan do you have any tips for me? 
  This last week was very long. We spent some time looking up in-actives and like i have said in the past they cover this city for some reason. Its really depressing here working with all of these in-actives. We have really been working hard to help them but most of them don't care our are inactive for the weirdest reasons. So i am glad to be able to dust of my shoes and move on to a new area. We have seen much success in this area. I am grateful for that. We helped one person become active again. I have learn so much from him. I see so much of my self in him which is why i think we have been able to help him so much. 

I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all.

Elder Smith

Elder Daniel Smith, 

Helloooooo family!

Well I hope your having fun camping!!! Dad sounds like he's been inspired a lot with the blog, the business, and the scrips! sweet! Well, mom as for the bike, its fine. I actually used it on a transfer this week. Its a great bike.  I love it. It came in the package assembled except for a few things, but it works great! 
Well guess what?  Its transfer time and........................................................................................................................................I'm staying! So is my trainer. I love Lewisville so I'm glad. We're really building up the area as we humble ourselves and follow the Lords will. We've been getting investigators to church and are meeting with some great investigators that may be elect. My Spanish is coming along, its getting better! so, people tell me...ha ha, they're so nice about it too. If I say something wrong they correct me...ha ha. I have trouble conjugating, mainly.  
Did I ever tell you that we eat a lot now with the members?  The president approved that we could leave our area....and our mission area!  We go to Dallas almost everyday, although we can't proselyte it's nice and there are a lot of Espanos.  The food is so good here.  I'm in love with Mexican food.  We've had food from other countries like El Salvador and Honduras and tonight we're going to eat with some Puerto Ricanos.  We eat everything with tortillas and peppers...ha ha, I love it.  The people, the culture...ha ha. The mission president also approved that we can go to the temple now!!!! but we have to live within an hour, which I do...yeah baby!

Its been raining a lot! here.  The weather is so random here. one second clear skies. then boom. rain. then no rain. but its always humid so its hard to know what to expect. when it rains here, it rains HARD!

Hmmmm, well I'm doing well, I didn't get sick this week. But I'm super tired...ha ha, but this week flew by very fast.  We're always busy and doing something. I think I'm gonna fast tomorrow, so I can improve and become better at speaking Spanish and my knowledge of the gospel and for investigators.  Pray for me please I need them. Tell me how the trip went, send pics. And I loved the letter mom, thank you so much. It was handwritten! sweet! thank you!  And thank you for sending me my patriarchal blessing! life saver. 

Well much love, any questions? You know where to find me. 
hasta dos anos.