Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Elder Daniel Smith, 10 August 2011
K so yeah, weight is weight, I can lose it quick. I lost 2 pounds and can lose 1 every gym day if I just run. Yeah so at the temple I had the greatest feeling. I prayed for Aaron because I have been wanting the feel him and I had the most amazing feeling come over; so much peace and joy! I think he gave me a side hug cause I just had  so much warmth. I love and miss him and I expressed that in the temple.

btw I never got your package.... I hope to get it today!??!?!  Ammon said he's gonna send me more ties haha. I've almost spent all the 100 dollars I brought with me, sad but I needed stuff. You can get on my account and see what I recently bought using the card. I got shirt alterations, um probably will do that one more time. I sent you in the last letter how much I needed back. Hmmmmm well luv you all. My faith has grown so much here. Spanish is a struggle but it's coming along. Uuummmm write me back in the next five minutes!?!?!?

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