Monday, November 7, 2011

Elder Daniel Smith, 7 November 2011

HE-loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo arizona!
well we had another fast and great week soooooooo busy. i have had barely any time do anything like write in my journal yikes! well we had a good halloween they put us away near night for protection since its a bad time to proselyte or teach. lol funny huh? were still teaching the same people. and mom that date this week was changed a while ago sorry. moved up to nov 19th. we did excellent on teaching lessons this week. we hit 16! we haven't done that many in a while. patience pays off. and the lord is directing us to people ready. about Lorena... we visited her but she wasn't there. yeah we think every day about her problem, gonna go see her tuesday or wednesday. Jose and Sonya have not gotten married yet. turns out Sonya didnt even know how to. haha. wer'e not sure if they even want to get married though. we're like a counsel group for them haah. allot of people are having family problems everywhere. satan is really attackng them. you cant even take the slightest chance to let that happen. don't make exceptions for things. have family home evening every monday! you think its over when the boys are all gone? no. its says to even have it with your spouse! satan is real as we know. so lets fight and not sit idle while he works. i realized how great of parents i had. in my patriarchal blessing i really was PRIVILEGED to choose my parents. what a blessing. i remember thinking when we were kids "our friends parents let them do that, why wont you!? its not a big deal" you fought and you won good job. know that your son is proud of you both! you both did your responsibilities as parents. i wont wait to say that. its true. and i thank you! you did your best, right? haha.
other than fighting satan, were lovin it all. the mission improves all the time. its filled with ups and downs. but as i improve it gets better. not sure what to write the days start blending together. haha. defiantly things happen everyday though. mom and dad dont doubt doing a mission together!!!  let your spirit be stronger then your body. use your will power. ive learned that allot here. who cares if your sick and are gonna die. WORK! this is more important than your sickness.
Glad to hear everyone is doing good!
okay be back in 2013! bye ya'll
Elder Smith

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