Monday, August 15, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith
15 Aug 2011 - Papa is good

Hello family,

That's awesome that papa is doing great. I prayed so much this week for him. I'm so happy he is doing well.  I didn't get a letter from you this week so I don't really know too much about what is going on with each of you but I'm sure everyone is just fine. 

My companion and I are doing good. We have been going to many different cities, helping the other missionaries. I really enjoy this new opportunity I have had as a zone leader to serve more and to see how the work differs from city to city. It's not always easy work but it's worth it. Within our own city I feel that we could be doing a lot better. I've been kinda down lately because I felt as if we've hit the breaks a little bit. I respect my companion, he is just dwelling too much on home (how things will be and what he's going to do) and it really is a big disturbance to the work. I would like to see more out of our work but I don't' think it is going to happen, I can only do so much. (I'm a really hard worker and sometimes the missionaries don't like that.) Through time, I've been able to learn more about what it means to be a companionship. We sometimes just need to meet half way and respect each other and how they work. I think that is why it's a little different this time because I have seen my companion work in the past, before we served together, and I noticed that he was a hard worker and now it seems as if he is working under his capacity. I'm telling you all this because I have seen 2 different kinds of missionaries when they are in their last transfer. The one who kinda lets himself get tired and becomes different for the worse. The other is someone who works even harder who gives it more than he has ever before. I don't want to see myself fall into this trap. The last transfer missionaries are the most powerful and Satan knows this and he works harder on the older missionaries because of this. It's really sad to see missionaries fall into this trap. We have some very good investigators right now. We are working with a lot of in-actives and it's great seeing so many investigators and in-actives in church. Don't misunderstand me, our work really is going great. The leader here say they haven't seen the work go so well for a very long time. I just feel that we could do even better, well I know we can do better. 

So mommy, I told you about the investigator that is getting baptized who is pregnant. I was wondering, if it's not too much, if you could send her some cute little baby clothes, it looks like she is going to be having her baby in December. There is not a father for right now (he was a soldier from America). She met him when she lived in Spain. I don't think things worked out as she had planned.  So if you could, it would be nice.

EVERYONE have a great week.

Elder smith

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