Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Elder Daniel Smith, 3 August 2011
Dear Mother and Father and Nathan,

Nathan, I'm so sorry about the beetle (to be honest as I can be) I totally forgot to pay or do something about the headlight and I never knew about the oil. I don't know much about cars but we took the car in often and they did the check-ups. I'm wondering why they wouldn't have done anything. I love you Nathan, you're in my prayers you and Jessica.

Okay, so here's some news, me and my companion are the new zone leaders. Now me and Ammon are zone leaders except his is more legit, I forgot to tell him that. Our leaders said they prayed and were inspired to pick us. Wow, I'm so grateful that the Lord trusts me enough to lead. We are to also be the perfect examples for everyone else. We're not supposed to be goofy and I'm pretty goofy but I pray for help in this new non calling leadership thing. WOW crazy huh!?!?!?

We got a talk from Gerald N. Lund on Tuesday, soooooooo goooood!!! Oh so good, it was about faith, I took allot of notes.

I've bought some things and I still dont know what youd pay me back on. i spent 6 dollars on two garment tops total. and $13 on a new white shirt. i also left campus a few weeks ago to get my sleeves tailored.

we go to the temple at 215??? last week was great except i brought my patriarchal blessing and i guess thats not okay. i told other people it was okay as well. we then got awkwardly talked to that nothing like that is ever allowd in the temple. i still dont understand why not. why cant i bring something where god is talking to me in the temple? where i could maybe recieve insight or revelation???????????

i was thinking about Aaron the other day and i realized how as a kid it really started off some of my testimony of the plan of salvation and that god cares about us allot. just allot of church things. i was just thinking and thought you might like that.

hmmmmmmm we still teach investigators all the time. i screwed up so bad yesterday. my companion and i were teaching Mario who been gone for two weeks and we were talkng about the restoration and then my companion switched to me to give me a turn and i told him our purpose and said "mario will you prepare yourself for baptism?" he was like, i ve already been baptized as a baby. i showed him moroni chapter 8 had him read some verses and i asked him do you believe the book of mormon? he said "well some of it i guess i kind of do". i told him to pray about it then he will know if he should get baptized. idk i screwed but it still worked out???? it was just to soon for that. i like to ask that question once they have a testimony of the book of mormon. our other investigator crecencia is getting baptized soon.
im not sure whether you guys get my letters or not. ive been sending some every week. maybe even multiple. you should let me know please!!!!

i want some letters from friends not here but hand written or through dear elder. i cant reply at the mtc to emails.

well all is well. im in good health whileeveryone else is getting hurt. my roommate and i gave a blessing to his comp. he feels better. : )
the food is the only thing making me not healthy. i weigh 136? 135? i lost two pounds one day when i ran two miles haha. i tried it again and only lost half a pound! POR QUE!!????

language is good were finally getting a good language study plan down. well love you all and the pups.

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