Sunday, September 4, 2011

Elder Ammon Smith,  4 September 2011

Hello, everybooooooodddddddddy!!!

It was a hot week in the mission. The new shirts you sent me were well used, very well. All the candy you sent me, well yeah that's gone. I think there was a misunderstanding about my old comp. He was from France so maybe that will help you understand him a little better, haha. My new comps name is Elder Miller, he is from Washington, he lives close to Bellingham. So we have been talking about lots of fun places that we have both been to over there. He has 1 more transfer left in the mission, he is a great missionary. We have done a lot of great work in the city so far together. I'm really looking forward to seeing what we can do this transfer. We have two awesome sister missionaries in our city with us, so we have a great district. There is a great spirit in the city for missionary work and we are all excited to work with each other. 

Probably the most craziest, weirdest and most disgusting thing in my life happened to me this week. I will not tell in this email. I think you will all have to wait till I get home. I might not even tell you all when I get home. I don't even know why i am bringing it up to you all now. Maybe just so you all can know that my mission is still very active with crazy stories haha. 
About my money, well to be honest, I'm always buying Mcdonalds, it's just so good I cant stop eating there. No, I'm just kidding, let's be more serious. I think most of my money has gone into new clothes (missionary clothes) I bought a new suit about a year ago. I bought some shoes about a year ago but they are already garbage. I also bought a few socks a while ago. I bought some whips and those are not cheep, hehehehe. IDK I think I'm doing good, knowing how I used to be. The rest of it will be for Christmas gifts and goodies for my self.

I love everyone so much, have a great week. 
I MISS YOU!!!!!!!

Elder smith

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  1. I wonder if we know him!? Good luck in your new companionship!