Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wed, 31 Mar (Ammon)

hey family that's awesome you guys are doing well. I miss u guys  sort of, lol! Its way better here, lol, just kidding!  But really I miss you guys. I have 12 min to write you. So what should i say? hmm, Elder Charles Didier (here's a link to him ), spoke yesterday to us. He has been in the 70's since 1975 so he's a pro.  He's been a mission president in like 10 places. Its crazy, but he and his wife spoke it was good.  I'll write more about it in my letter I send you.  I haven't been getting much mail from you at least not as much as your making it sound. I think I only got one from day last week, and thats about it. Tell dad I only know of one byu player here, he's in my gym time.  He's a big jerk, so its really not that cool. I see the stadium every wednesday on my way back from the temple. I'm sending some pictures home in my letter today so you should get it saturday. hmmm for your talk, I don't know just pray about it and let the spirit guide you. You're going to do great you always do.  I'll write some stuff in the letter that might help you. Can you ask sister tryon for monson's mailing adresss thanks. Tell the family thanks for everyone writing and for the prayers. I love you tons! Tell dan to keep studying the gospel.  Its so important to know. Tell him I miss him and that I miss dad.
I'm doing great this week with the language!!!! thanks to u guys

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