Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mon, 27 Sep 2010  (Ammon)

Hey family this week has been great!!
It was the last week of the transfer so we really wanted to work hard for those better numbers.
In the end most of our numbers got better or stayed the same but more important our investigators are progressing.
At the beginning of the week our zone leader came down for a district meeting. After the meeting we went on splits till the next day. We had a lot of fun. Learned a few new ways to street teach people and some different ways to teach the second lesson. That same day for English class we had 32 people come, which is amazing!  We have never had that many in this city for a long time.  It was so cool to see that many people come and also stay for the spiritual message. We have been trying hard to get bigger numbers at english class so we put up advertisements in all the papers in town which was not cheep but I believe it is paying off.  The next few days were just filled with missionary work and programs (the word for lesson in Hungarian is program, so that’s just what everyone calls it here). On Friday we went out for a district lunch.  We do it at the end of every transfer...............OK GUESS WHAT, I JUST GOT TRANSFER CALLS!!!!!  I’m going to Szeged, which is one hour away from Nathan.  That is so cool huh, maybe we can meet somewhere on the line. Anyways, back to life, we had a cool youth activity.  We put a rope through the church house to be like the iron rod.   We did a Lehi dream thing. It was very cool. We put the rope down the middle of the hall and then in all the rooms we put things in them that would make people want to leave the rod to go in the rooms. It was fun, you should try something like it at home. On Sunday we had conference so I didn’t understand much but everyone else seemed to like it so I guess it was good lol.  There were lots of members from the west side of Hungary at conference too.  It was cool to see all the members together and feel their spirit.  The Hungarian people are pioneers for the church here.  They go through a lot being a member but they are strong. So I guess next week I will be in a different area so I’ll have to tell you how that will be next week and how my new comp is.  I guess it is my comps (elder feuz) favorite comp.  Sounds like it will be fun.  The funny thing is everyone in Szeged has an accent like some who speaks American English and British English. Wow this will be fun lol.  I love u all have a great week!!!

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