Monday, October 4, 2010

SATURDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER 2010  (Nathan)

Hey Mom!
Glad you liked the pics! It was a pretty hectic week trying to get around and take care of all that stuff we had to do, but we were able to take care of it all! Monday and Tuesday we had to do a supply run on the eastern side of the country. It worked out okay. We didn't go to as many of the cities as we originally planned though. We just decided that the Zone Leaders could take it to their cities when they go on exchanges, cuz we've got alot of stuff to do... So, we just made a stop in Ploiesti, Brasov, and Galati, then we headed back home. I forgot to charge my razor on monday though. So when we got back to Bucuresti tuesday around noon, we made a stop at the office to grab some things and president was there....aldfja;ldsfjasdl;fkjasdlk;fj!#$%@$%^@ He didn't like how I looked like Elder Paul Bunyan... So i gave him a cool little sticky note with some bribery money attached to it so he would forgive me....haha im such a punk. I'll send you a picture of the sticky note I gave to him. Before I left the office, i went into his office and siad, hey prez, got a little something for ya... he said what's that elder? I threw the sticky note on his desk and then turned around and ran out of his room like napoleon dynamite....haha. He yelled What's this!!? But i just kept running and laughed and the other elders already had the elevator waiting for me so we could make a quick escape...hehe... I saw him yesterday and he gave me the money back and said i get a refund.......ha.
Anywho, on Wednesday we had an exchange with the Zone Leaders on the West Side of Bucuresti, it was alot of fun. I got to go on an exchange with one of the elders from my MTC group. Then on Thursday, my comp and I spent the whole day translating a 12 pg talk for prez before he heads up to Chisinau for Zone Conference. It took forever...we had some meetings and other errands to run as well, which is why it took so long, cuz we kept on getting distracted. Yesterday we went on that exchange in Craiova. It was a really cool exchange. I got to serve with Elder Bîgu, the romanian elder from Cali that i served with when I was in Deva for Christmas. We had a lot of fun and a good exchange together. We met some really cool people. I'll send you some of the pictures from Craiova as well.  Now it's Pday and we're just emailing and got done cleaning our entire apartment. The office elders are gone right now so they couldn't help with the cleaning unfortunately (all 4 of us room together) because they're out doing a supply run in the western half of the country. thanks for the Cross talks. Alina speaks pretty good english because she used to live in Kuwait. So i'll print those off and give her a copy of each one. She says she can feel the prayers of all of us. So keep praying for her to overcome this cross trial.
Like you said, now it's just the waiting game with BYU, we'll see what happens right?
To answer your questions, no i don't remember either of those things. I VAGUELY remember something about a hotel and getting stuck in an elevator but i don't remember that WWII thing AT ALL. The only thing i remember about a hotel in italy is when i told you like 3 times, "mom, i think that fan is going to fall, it's really rocking back and forth alot." "oh don't worry about it nathan, it's not going to fall." The next morning i got up and started walking out the room and then it fell right on top of me and knocked me to the floor! Whatever happened to better safe than sorry!!?!?!

Well, that's all for this week,
love ya'll to bits!
Stay safe, stay strong, follow the bishop and do more missionary work!
Give some referrals! go on member presents! sit by an investigator at church! Anything!

Love you!
Elder Smmmmmmmmith

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