Wednesday, October 13, 2010

 Mon, 11 Oct 2010   (Ammon)

What!!!!! what!!!!!!! what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is Nathan home?  We were going to meet at the border!!! What the heck? Why is he home? What? Why?!!!!!!! This is not fair but I’m happy for him and sorry for him as well, he has to go back to the normal life. But tell him to convert all my friends. They are ready for the gospel lol. Dang this is weird, I don’ know what to say. Do I have to write longer letters now that I’m the only missionary out?  I hope not, tell Dan to hurry and get out here. Man this is weird, I was so excited to maybe have that chance to see Nathan but it’s gone, my dreams are gone!!!!!!! Anyway this week’s letter will be a little shorter because I wrote you all a huge letter and I’m sending little fun stuff home in it.
This week was a great week, a little slow, but moving along. We have some very promising investigators that we are very proud of and excited for. Anyway this area is really helping me with my language, I’m improving a lot.
I hope you all have fun this week with Nathan being home and all.
Nathan have fun but don’t forget the things you have learned; don’t change back to who you were before your mission, bring that fire home with you and help the church! Have fun being able to date again and other things.

Love you all, Elder Smith

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