Monday, October 25, 2010

Mon, 18 Oct (Ammon)

Another fun week in the mission. We had lots of baptismal programs this week and many wonderful people progressing towards baptism.  Me and my companion are so proud of our investigators and all they go through and do to find the truth.    I don’t have any really crazy stories that come to mind for this week but the work is going good in Szeged.  Next week is going to be a fun week.  We only can speak in Hungarian. We have to bap challenge all or our investigators and a few other things.  This will really put my language skills to the test and will be a great chance for me to improve. I hope everyone at home is doing well.  That’s so cool to hear all these wonderful stories of u all doing missionary work at home. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!   That’s awesome that Nathan is so willing to help out at home. I hear to many times that when a missionary goes home they become a joke and forget all they have done and learned.  That’s awesome to see Nathan applying the things he has learned to help the ward and people at home. I’m sorry this letter is so small this week but I’m out of time and have to got to work.  Have a great week!!!!!!

 smith elder

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