Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mon, 4 Oct 2010 (Ammon)

MY new area is so much fun. We are slammed with work it’s great! This city is the most beautiful in Hungary.  I believe it too, everywhere I go there something so cool to see and the even cooler thing is if I yell really loud Nathan can hear me lol.  My new apartment is the best in the mission.  We live like movie stars lol.  It’s kinda weird, our apartment was this very old mansion that was turned into an apartment building.  I was about to take pictures then guess what, my camera died!!!  It always happens to me!!!!!!  So you will all have to wait till next week.  This area is really putting my language skills to the test.  I found out that I am still horrible at the language but this area is pushing me to learn the language fast and I already, so it’s good for me but hard! My new comp is great as well. He does a lot of things different, some for the worse so we have had to meet half way on a lot of things but I’m not lowering myself, that’s for sure or whatever you want to call it cause I’m not better than him or anything, but he’s great and we are working very hard. It’s nice to have a p day. That was a very long week for some reason. I hated packing lol.  I told Aunt Debbie this story today and I remembered I forgot to tell it to you all. So when I was in Szombathely and we got our transfer calls out, branch prez invited our district over for dinner, so we went over they always make lots of food and good food too.  The branch prez is young though he’s 27 and his wife too, so they are full of tricks.  A long story short Hungarians love weird food so they love to feed it to the missionaries.  They made us pig brain and didn’t tell us what it was till half way through the meal!!!!!!! It’ was horrible!!!!! Lol  I was glad to hear that u all had a fun trip.  I wish I could have come but I’m somewhere way cooler than there haha. As for all these people I love getting cancer!!!! Don’t tell me that kind of stuff!!!! please it’s to hard for me but I will keep them both in my prayers. About my box, I’ve been waiting forever for it!! Are u sending it to the mission home?  If so I think that’s a good idea. I can’t wait, make sure to put peanut butter in there they don’t have any here. That’s about it for this week.  Me and Nathan are going to try and see each other this transfer, wouldn’t that be fun.  

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