Sunday, October 3, 2010

24 Mar 2010  (Ammon)

hey guys i miss u all so much. im doing great here. the language just got very hard for me. my learning disability has kicked in but i guess i may be pushing myself to hard idk. tell sister tryon thank u for the letter and to keep sending them. tell aunt debbie the same thing she wanted to know if she could drop off a box of stuff, tell here thats great!!!! i also need u to send me a copy of my driving record i forgot to get that. but anyway there was another great devotional yesterday some guy i cant remeber his name ill write it to u in the letter i write tonight. but anyway hmmm everyday is the same here just working very hard to be the best missionary i can be.  i hope u guys are getting all the mail im sending u.  please keep sending me nathans letters, i dont have any time to read any i really want to know how he is doing.  i miss u guys and want to know how your doing.thanks for the picture s u sent that was a nice looking  cake. ill write u more in my letter tonight u should get it in 2 days byeee

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