Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mon, 26 Jul 2010  (Ammon)

hey family
to start, no, they don't have pickles with every meal. i think i've only had them once since i've been here. there is a funny story behind pickles. so there were to missionaries who went to an investigators house to help fertilize his pickles. they didn't know what to expect but i know they didn't expect this. the farmer goes over to his out house moves it out of the way and said i've been saving this all year so they got the wheel barrels and got to work putting the farmers poop all over the pickles. when they were finished he offered them inside to clean up and have lunch guess what hey had some pickles from last year yummmmy poop pickles. so i try and stay away from pickles out so this week was fun and sort of slow but the work is picking up here. i started a guitar class every tuesday at 4. We have been practicing a for are concert we cant find a piano player thought so were in trouble there. we had a fun ysa activity this saturday it was like a mini pioneer trek it was lot of fun there was a great turn out. yesterday we had 7 investigators at church that was amazing. we got a inactive lady to come who hasn't been in 8 years. that was great to see her there and all the member welcome her in as they did. we haven't been able to go back out to the town yet we just need to find a big chunk of time to go back out there again.its hard to remember all the amazing things that happen in a week i probably should start bringing my journal. please tell sister tryon i got her letter thanks her and also please let her know that i do have a blog i just don't have anyone taking care of it also ask her if monson ever got my letter i sent him it was a while ago. maybe a month and a half. please tell josh i got his letter it was awesome tell him i will write him today. please also call tj and let him know that i got his letter and maybe share your testimony with him about our purpose in life he is worried about that it seems like in his letter tell him i sent him a letter right before i got his so he should get that soon. sorry my letters are not long enough i would love to site and write all day but we are busy missionaries in hungary we are working hard to get a stake going on this side of hungary. we are so close. yeah other than that stuff yes my bike is very messed up its funny lol and sad at the same time. the language is come slowly but i still notice improvement everyday. i love and miss u all have a great week
 sok seretettel smith elder

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