Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mon, 30 Aug 2010   (Ammon)

Hey family!!!

This week was fun. My companion and I are working so hard, set some impossible goals that we will accomplish. In fact we are so focused on the work that I forgot it was my birthday and didn’t remember till sister Baughmen called to wish me one lol. My birthday was just a normal day of missionary work. We stared by doing our morning studies till around 10:30 then had a program with a family that lived in the states for a little while so they speak good English and are a fun little family of 4. After that we went out to Zanat. Found 1 new investigator we tracted into his house. He let us come in and teach a first. We’re going to meet with him again next week. Then we met with a man and his son that my comp and I found last time we were out there. They’re doing great and are progressing. After that we went back to Szombathely. We stopped by our house to get some things and some youth were waiting at the door to surprise me with a cake and song. It was funny and I was surprised. They then took us to get some ice cream then we got right back to work and did some look-ups and tracting the rest of the day. So that was my bday.

This next week we are going to be in Budapest for a new, 3 day training. I guess they are changing some things on how they want missionaries to teach so we have to be there for three days!!!!! This is not good because we are helping an inactive right now who is on the non-smoking program and he is doing great but we’re going to have to leave him by himself for a few days so I hope he gets through it. Pray for him pleaseeeeeeeeee, his name is Jenő. Today we’re going to some castle so I hope its cool. I have lots of pictures to show you from the past few weeks but I forgot my cord lol so you’re going to have to wait another week lol. Oh one more thing, I need u to send me my bike, k thanks bye, I love u all

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