Sunday, October 3, 2010

01 August 2010 (Ammon)

Hey family and friends
so this week has been lots of fun hard work and stress. The week started out slow and started to pick up near the end. idk if i told u but we were able to go back to that town outside of szombathely its called szanat. we are still having great success out there i love that town everyone is so nice to us besides the dogs that want to kill us. did i tell u that i got bite by a dog the first time i went there it was more like a bear but it was so big it pushed me off the porch lol.i went on splits with elder smith which is the zl in pápa lol so there are 3 elder smiths in out zone lol.i lots of new pictures to send to ill just put them on facebook it seems easier to do it that way. that way i don't have to send them to yeah i went to pápa it was so much fun we celebrated elders smith the zls 2 year mark we made him a cake and put 2 candles on it it was fun. pápa was beautiful and the have such strong youth.
  so i call my trainer last night, elder egan, and a lot of the people we found last transfer are on baptism date right now, its so cool. i guess tomás dropped of the face of the earth again it stinks he was my favorite my first broken heart on my mission. but its great news about everything else. the work in szombathely is a different kind of hard work than the hard work in pest. its so easy to be lazy here we have to be so careful but we just try and always stay busy we are working very hard for out concert we found a piano player!!!!! i thought i told u last transfer but i got the guitar from one of my investigators they gave it to me because i'm cool. My mission president is very, hmmm, idk, how to put it but open to try things but he knows that i'm not going to abuse the fact that he is letting me have a guitar he said he wont just let anyone have a guitar there is i think one other elder that has one here. Remember my mission president worked for fisher price he was a part of the tickle me elmo project lol so that kind of tells u about him and how he is lol. We have one conference tomorrow so we are leaving for budapest today i guess we are going on a field trip to some old town for zone conference so i'll make sure to take pictures.

sok seretettel(with much love)
smith elder

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