Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mon, Jul 19, 2010  (Ammon)

ok, so this week was fun, long, hard, very hot and funny. so last pday when we were going to budapest on the train i saw this town and i asked my companion if that area is part of szombathely and he said he thinks that it is. i asked if he had ever been knocking on doors there.. he said no. i said we need to go there. then a little while later i told him i'm being serious we need to go there. he said, ok, so we planned a big day to go out there for 4 hours to knock on doors. the sisters joined us.  we started on one side; the sisters on the other. so the day came; we got there it was very hot, but we worked hard for four hours and by the time the 4 hours were up we only finished 1 street but we taught 2 lessons, found 2 families that were interested and found 2 other people and placed 2 copies of the Book of Mormon (b.o.m.)too.  1 of the families is golden and one of the other guys we talked to is great as well. we taught a lesson to both of them. its crazy that was only one street and there was that much success. i wonder how the rest of the town is. my companion told the branch president that we went out there, he laughed and said , you went out there? i don't think any missionaries have ever been out there.     
well we could tell from the success we had. i have another story. so i broke my bike because i was doing tricks on a bike that is not made for that. so i had to get it fixed. once i got it fixed i couldn't help but do something dumb again, and yes, its broke again and that was ten min after i got it fixed lol!
Elder Smith

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