Monday, October 4, 2010

September 5, 2010   (Ammon)

Hey everybody,

So it’s true the conference was fun, it was long but worth it. We have been applying what we learned there here in Szombathely. I haven’t noticed anything huge happen yet but we will see with time.

As for Jenő, he is doing great. He is 11 days free so he passed and this is good because this last week was his daughter’s wedding and I guess those can be pretty crazy getting together so if he got through that he can get through a lot. We have so many wonderful investigators right now, it’s amazing. We are so blessed to be teaching them and be a part of helping them in their conversion process.

As for my bike, that was just a joke. I know you would never send me that lol. As for riding though, I’m not doing anything crazy, just fun silly stuff. I’m not leaving the ground (too high). My back, yeah I think that has been hurting me since I’ve been here in Hungary, there is no such thing as a nice bed here lol. I just try and stay busy and not think about my back and that seems to work just fine. I just have to be careful about bringing it up or they may send me home for misunderstanding what’s wrong with my back.

I’m so mad I didn’t get the box u said I would, that’s what missionaries look forward to and u only get one 2 times a year! Plus u said u were sending me one so u can’t take it back. I want a box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  please :)

I thought I told u but I’m not with elder Smith anymore. I have had a new comp for a while now, elder Feuz. I’m telling u this cause in the letter u said, u and elder Smith. I would also love some stuff for kids to color that would be a big help! Back to the bikes, my comp was trying to be cool and ride his bike on this fun ramp but ended up doing a front flip over his bars opps! I’m not a bad influence am I? lol

That really is it for this week. I guess I have time for one more story. We have been teaching this guy in Zanat, he is really nice and very quiet and has something wrong with his neck. Lets just say it’s really really big, we don’t know what it is. We taught him the first lesson, then met with him again this week and taught him the second…but there was something wrong. He said he read the scriptures we gave him. He also said he believes in the book and Joseph, so we ask him to be baptized and he said yes but all this conversation was weird. Then we asked him to read a scripture. We don’t know what he was reading or what he was seeing. We gave him the right book but he was just reading the beginning of the words and making up the endings. He was not joking with us or any thing but there was just something wrong so at this point we knew he didn’t read what we told him to read before we met with him that day and that he was not all there. We figured, ok he just doesn’t know how to read so we asked him if we could meet again. He told us a good time, he also said he would come to church, but when we were leaving we said ok see u Sunday and he said what time does church start ? where is it at? We already told him this just 10 min before lol and then he said he can’t come he has to work?????? We said ok, then we will see u on Tuesday ok? Then he said what time? (We already told him this too!!) He said, oh that’s not a good day. So we just said we would call him. We don’t know what was going on there but it was weird. Anyway have a great week send me pictures of the new house!!

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