Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mon, 21 Jun 2010  (Ammon)

Hey, family how is everyone doing? I wrote Dan a big letter, you should read it so I don't have to write everything over again; there are some cool stories in there. Hey, can you send me my Priesthood Line of Authority please? thank you.
This week has been crazy and hard; people have cancelled on us and I've been working hard on the language.  I'm picking it up better which is cool, cause I'm able to understand it more.  I'm still getting fat, so no worries there! 
Me and Nathan have been writing each other, that’s been fun to do.  Did you all get the pictures I sent you last week?  Cause I took lots of time to send the pics but no one said anything about them?????
idk, soooooooo hmmm, there is only 2 weeks left this transfer,  its going by so fast!  We had mission conference this week, Elder Gerald Causse came.  He is in the 70's so he's cool! Me and my companion were invited to have dinner with him, the mission president and his wife.  That was cool, but weird at the same time just eating dinner with somebody that’s at the top. Then we were also invited to a meeting with all the branch presidency leaders and Elder Causse talking about the church in Hungary.  It was cool being the only missionaries there!  We had to present a perfect baptismal record. It was cool.  Well I sent some pics again, I hope you get them??? The first pic is my zone going to see a play; the 2nd pic is some weird actor; the 3rd is of a rainy day in Pest, LOL!; the 4th is me pouring water out of my shoe; the 5th is a picture of the man I had to give the priesthood too (read about it in Dan's letter); the 6th is a picture of a path we take to get to a home where we are teaching the father and his son (they are not members yet), but they will be soon. That's all the pictures.
hmm, what else?  We have a baptism this coming weekend, then another one the next weekend with our investigator tomás he's awesome.
idk, what else to say?  Make sure you forward this to friends and family.  Tell everyone I miss them and that I haven't forgot about any of them, I'm just really busy out here.  Oh, and I haven’t got one letter since I've been here kinda lame. I can only read emails once a week so idk maybe a letter sometime would be nice.
yup, that's all. k, love u, b-bye

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