Monday, October 4, 2010

Mon, 20 Sep 2010 (Ammon)

hey everybody
Last week was a hard one and wet one.  It rained most of the week so we were always wet but it was lots of fun we worked very hard this week, we had 31 hours of teaching and finding, which is very good.  We got 5 new investigators this week which is also great!! We almost have one of our inactives reactivated, jenő, he has now been off smoking for ever I don't remember how many days now but its almost been a month probably. So the work is going great here in Szomabthely. I love this city so much we only have one week left in the transfer so i hope i dont get moved somewhere else. I want to stay!! Our district is really doing great work here in this town.  It has not seen numbers like this for a while so its really good for the city and the members. When i first got to hungary i loved that the members of the church were the same here as they were back at home but the more as time goes on its not the case.  There are 2 groups one the nice group and the other the rude group.  There are some very very rude members here errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg it makes me mad. We have been working with this less active girl in our branch and last Sunday she gave a talk, which was her first one ever.  She was so excited to give one and nervous in the long run, she did a great job!  Then after the meeting a lady in the ward comes up and starts putting her down about her talk and telling her she knows barely anything about the church!!!!!! what the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This girl is really soft so it hurt her feelings. errrgggg!!! WHY????? but we had a great week. We had a fun dinner party with the branch president that was lots of fun, he's only like 26 so he is still young so it was lots of fun. We also gave a lesson to a young student who is from France, that was fun.  We gave him a book of mormon in french he also is a cello player and we met with him after his cello practice so he played a song for us. WOW he is so good i loved it, he is one of our new investigators. He is great, he had met with the elders before in France so he knows a little about the gospel.  He speaks good english so we teach him in that.
  Today we are going to do salona sütés.  Which is when u take a pig and cook it over a fire pit and let the fat drip onto your bread. I guess its really good idk i have not tried it yet but we will see.  I'll take pictures to show you. Then we are going to go bull whipping again, its very popular here so thats what we do.  I hope you all have a great week i love u all so much!!!

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