Monday, October 25, 2010

Mon, 25 Oct 2010 (Ammon)

Hey everyone, sounds like everyone had an awesome week. I’m proud of you all doing such a great job with missionary work, keep it up!!!  That’s cool about the Halloween party. We planed one for this Saturday and it looks like we will have an ok turn out. We have about 60 active members on a good week at church and so we hope that maybe half will come to the party.

This week was great for us, we worked very hard to try and speak only Hungarian and just worked our butts off lol.  We had programs with people all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as well. I think Thursday is when we had our english class. Then Friday was good, we had a few programs and had ysa night which is every Friday. On Saturday we had a super p-day which is just when it’s a p-day all day long. That was a nice day. We went to a museum and saw some cool things. Then we had some food and then watched movies the rest of the afternoon. That night we just went home and hungout. Church was great, one of the best I have seen in this city lol. We have some great investigators right now that we are very proud of.  They are working so hard to find the truth, please pray for them.  Today we only have till 2, then we have to get to workin but other than that, that was my week. Next week is zone conference so we will be leaving Szeged. Then that night we are going to go on splits with the zls so looks like it will be another fun week.
Have a great week EVERYONE!!!!

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