Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ammon,  28 March 2011

YAHOO!! Dan put his papers in. I think he is going to serve in Italy!!!!!! Wow I wish I could be on the phone when he gets his papers. If you call the mission president and ask he might let us do that.
So it sounds like everything about home has changed. It’s going to be a new world by the time I get back home. This week went by fast. I don’t know if I say that every week but I think I do. We had a great week of work, things are going great here. Our investigators are doing great. Tuesday we have zone conference and then on the weekend we are going up to Győr to watch conference, I’m so excited for conference.

We had to go to the hospital this week. My comp is having some chest problems. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong so we have to go to Budapest to a better doctor to find out the problem. The end

All the sister missionaries in my group are from Utah and my comp in the MTC was Elder Crouch.
I will try to find out about the person but I don’t know what I will need to find out but it seems like you gave me all the info needed. Do I need to find out when this person died or what????

Story 2
This Sunday there was a time change and we needed to move our clocks forward an hour but I didn’t know that and thought it was back an hour.  So I did that and yes I woke up and thought it was just another Sunday morning but I was wrong.  The other elders called and said church started 5 min ago and where were we?  Yeah, so we showed up to church an hour late with everyone laughing at us hahahhha very funny, the end.

We also went back over to try and finish cutting all that wood.  We were there from 11 till 7 and we still didn’t finish, maybe next week.  She always feeds us the best food so maybe we will make it 2 more weeks lol.
I don’t know what else to say, just that I love you all and am so proud of Dan. Wherever he goes will be perfect for him and that’s where God wants him. Have a great week and enjoy conference.

Elder smith

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