Tuesday, February 15, 2011

AMMON,  14 February 2011

Hey Dad, thanks for writing. Yeah, I really am learning a lot. It’s really weird, but I have changed so much from when I left home, I am almost a different person it feels like.
You asked what is whipping; you tube Hungarian whipping and you can see for yourself. It’s the funniest thing ever.
That’s weird, I heard that North Korea was bombing South Korea and America sent the navy to deal with the problem, idk, I heard it from a Hungarian newspaper or maybe I read it wrong. 
Mom’s email is not working when I try to send her an email, so I’ll just write to you.

So this week went by fast.  My comp and I are really working hard this transfer and we are being blessed for it. The work is really picking up here in Veszprém. It’s really cool to see our teaching pool so big and to be blessed with so many investigators.  We tried to ask all of our investigators this week if  they will be baptized when they receive an answer about the church and everyone we asked said yes!! So please pray for them all to get that answer.

This week we were able to do something very cool. Here in Veszprém there is a club called American Conner.  It’s for people who speak English or want to learn. Inside this club there are smaller clubs and one of them is a book club.  The leader of the American Conner is one of our investigators and she offered to us, a few weeks ago, to give a book report on the Book of Mormon after we taught her a lesson about it. We agreed and we were able to do that this week.  It was awesome, one because it was in English and I don’t really get the chance to often to teach in my our language, so it was a little bit of a challenge, but the report went great. After the report, there were tons of questions.  Some were hard to answer and that’s because they were all great questions. There were about 15 people there, so it was pretty fun being able to do that.
Last week we were even able to teach the plan of salvation to a group of over 30 people. That was scary, but it was also great because mostly everyone there was not a member or investigator. We got a few new investigators from that.

The language is coming along great.  It’s really been a big help serving with a native.
I would also like to say that I got and new pair of church pants and yes they are a size 34? I swear I’m not fat, I workout every day, maybe I’m just a growing boy? So anyway, since I’m a size 34 now, that beautiful suit you guys got for me does not fit any more, it’s just to tight. Since I was only able to use it for about a half a year or so, it still looks great and brand new, so I think I’ll sent it home for Danny to use for his mission. You think I should do that?
My back its doing great no big problems. My knees have been hurting me though, lol.

I hope everyone has a great week.  In 10 days I will hit my year mark and then it’s all down hill from there :(

Elder Smith

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