Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ammon, 23 January 2011

Hey family,

I’m glad to hear that everyone got their gifts.  I hope everyone enjoys them. That’s crazy that everyone is going to school down in Thatcher.  It really must be a great school.  I can’t wait to check it out for myself.  I was just trying to download pictures for everyone but I can’t find my camera when I plug it into the computer. I’m sorry I have so many cool pictures to show you.  Maybe I’ll just print a bunch and send them home.

This week was good.  We worked hard and met some new people to teach. We have some great investigators right now.  I got into my first fight in Hungary.  I hope you’re all proud to know I did a great job. My comp and I were having some problems and he didn’t want to work. I could just feel that the spirit was not in our companionship at the time so I said to him, ok if you don’t want to work or tell me what wrong we can just go home because we cannot work without the spirit. So we went home and he told me what was wrong and we sorted everything out but it took 4 hours. It was unfortunate but we needed to do that. So that was interesting.

We went to Budapest for interviews on Friday. We had a great time up there. There was also a good training meeting on how we can better work with the members. There is only one week left in this transfer. So we will see next Monday if I’m staying or going, if I’ll be getting a new comp, and all that good stuff. I have learned so much on my mission; things that I would have never learned if I had not gone on a mission. My testimony has left the charts and I love sharing my testimony with everyone. Make sure you all give referrals to the missionaries.

 I love you all, have a great week.

Elder Smith

P.S.  I will send a letter with pictures in it this week.
Good luck with selling the house. Oh and when I come home, I would like to give my homecoming talk in the ward that I left so don’t move to far away :)   k bye!!

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