Monday, February 20, 2012

Letter to Daniel's Mission President

All missionaries are suppose to write their mission president weekly. Occasionally, Daniel will "cc" us his letter to his mission president and the following is his letter to him this week.

hello president.

this transfer so far has been pretty crazy. i got sick the first day and am still getting over it. its really weird. doctors don't know whats wrong with me. but im fine. doing the lords work. training is really nice ive always had that desire to do so. ever since bateman i would always wonder how would i do that. what would i want to know. Elder hill is amazing. he came trained. he already knows allot and adapts very quickly. he has a quick sharp memory. allot better then
mine. he remembers almost all of the investigators names. he is a very hard worker as well. im proud to serve with him. sad that he will be leaving as well. its been interesting being a district leader as well. with Zone leaders in the disctrict. it makes things allot easier. its
really interesting to see where the district stands as well. i pondered allot this morning as to what could help them. i think based on their numbers and questions i came to the conclusion that "finding" is what we struggle with. do you have any suggestions as to what i could help them with during district meeting?
as for our investigators. we have a great set that seriously was placed in our hands. the lord just prepared them for us. the first emilia and rosalio they just called one day and said they want to get baptized. there daughters got baptized in florida recently. they have a bapt date for the 3rd of march. the next couple, rosi and miguel. they just showed up to church one day and wanted to do all they could to follow jesus christ and they loved the way we do things. they met with the bishop recenelty and we attended there wedding. they as well want to get baptized. they have a date for the 17 of march. that's that.
Elder Smith

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