Monday, August 6, 2012

Elser Daniel Smith, 06 August 2012 helloooooooo. well thanks for the good letter. and yeah i usually write joel. he just updates me a little on his mission and how he cant wait until college haha. but there working it sounds like. were you ever able to send those letters to the emails yet? well this week was good. i am serving with elder bobak and im really trying to help him learn spanish and be a good teacher. im not so sure how well he was trained but he sleeps during studies so im working on that. and he did better today. anyways we met an RLDS member. pretty weird. and it was sad how lost they are. they use the book of mormon, they use Dand C up until joseph smith dies and do not have the pearl of great price. but they believe because of some promise given to joseph smiths lineage that its blessed so they should follow them i guess.......... or more over it was the lazy people that didnt trust in the lord and more over in man to not have followed brigham young and the saints to utah. thanks emma smith. you did good work in the end but i dont think you saw the results when you left the church. i dont understand how they could follow such i thing. i tried to picture myself in that but i couldnt. its foolish. they believe in the restoration. thats the scary part. anywaaaaaaayssssss. good stuff. we have two bapt dates and some good potential! were excited. good stuff coming. pray that we can save one soul! at least. some one who is legit. and wont go inactive. sounds like its pretty hot there in mesa! haha. i love our branch president here. they try to help us allot in the missionary work! im scared but excited for the branch split. can you do me a favor and check my credit account. it says that i have $0! which is not possible and if it was then they would be charging me weekly until i get it filled. im just not sure. if you have to switch my savings to the other account. thanks! im going to try and start learning to cook food. i can cook two dishes already. a colombian one which is funny. its a platano with cheese. and then a poor man mexican dish. with corn tortilla, eggs, meat, tomato, and onion. well you can just get creative with it. but im going to start offering to cook for people to get appointments. sound good or what!?!?! haha eat then teach. wow did you know that i drive now? i drive a dodge van haha. the only van in the mission. dont ask why. not sure either. but im not complaining. im preparing for when i get home... ;) yuppppp my health is good. i just need to work on staying in shape better. im not fat. just im always watching my weight. i swear im not fat haha. cool. miss yall. i hate hearing when you go camping i look forward to that when i get back. and i will see ammon at eac as well. i just need to get a job there!!!!!!! is eac higher learning?haha my patriarchal blessing says to go for that. haha. but i guess that just depends on what you study. cool. i could use a care package :0 stay FELIZ como una LOMBRIZ! PREVIOUS LETTER from Dan- hello hows it goin yall!? its hot mom. no rain. its going to be hot this week too. above 100 and guess what its transfer week again. im on my 9th transfer! woo hoo. yup. my comp. elder long is leaving. hes going to arlington. south. i was central but its still the same ward. thats so cool. im filling him in on everything. elder bobak is coming here from arlington. i already know him we went on some exchanges together. hes short like me. so yeah. haha. he is also from idaho. all these idahoans. they all have a different way of speaking just like people from utah. i believe i will be the driver. did i tell you we drive a van?! the only ones in the mission and i dont know why. but its cool. text nate for me and tell him to get on i sent him a message. or ask ammon. i need to know how to prank some missionaries back for filling our car with confetti. jerks. but things sound like theyve improved allot more then what they used to be. all your letters in the begining of my mish were negative or about the bad things happening but glad to know your all doing great! im still sad about adam mackey not getting out and serving. do me a favor and get me his address. tell him i want to write him. or he can write me! i was reading my patriarchal blessing because on sunday a patriarch came from mexico and was talking about them. i loved that. because i love mine and my grandpa is a patriarch too! but anyways i was reading over the part that talks about my mission and i thought well im glad im here now and it is where im supposed to be. and i felt the spirit really strong. then i thought is that supposed to be a spiritual conformation??? then i felt it again. so cool. well i miss yalls! stay cool. and write me back

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