Monday, January 9, 2012

Elder Daniel Smith, Mon, 9 Jan 2012

Elder Daniel Earl Smith
2106 Willcrest Dr apt #227
Arlington, TX 76010

> news... i did not get your letter. sorry. and now im gone. im sure
> they got it and read it!!!!!!!!!
> welllllll Arlington is awesome mother. so much spanish people here.
> its all black and spanish. but dont worry we lock our bikes. allot of
> people dont mess with the missionaries here though. because they know
> who we are andrespect us too. so if someone takes our bike its
> because they didnt know. no worries right? haha
> my comp is named Elder Jones hes from wyoming and hes a transfer
> behind me. weird huh? i would love to send you some pics and stuff its
> just we got so busy today we had to help someone whose house flooded.
> tell nathan to send me my music. and mom i can send you pics if you
> send me a card so i dont have to print them. well. maybe i dont want
> you to see them all. haha.
> so nathan read my stuff huh. thats embarrasing. my mtc planner sucks
> and now he will know the thoughts i had in the mtc. well mom the bike
> area is awesome i dont stress about car driving. thanks again for my
> presents i love those shirts. : ) i will send packages every time i
> get transfered. : ) or less. ;)
> what else do you want to know?

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