Sunday, February 12, 2012

Elder Daniel Smith, 20 February 2012

Here are two of Daniel's letters; one from and the other from last week. He is now a District Leader and is also a Trainer (a trainer teaches new missionaries the in's and out's of how things work)
Sorry, but I don't know Spanish so I can't translate some of his words. :?
We haven't heard from Ammon in a couple of weeks. Prior to that we just got a sentence or two saying that he is very busy right now.
Love, Karen

okay, sooooo check it out.
my first day of training i was sooooooo sick. im still a little sick.
i think i got bit by a bug.

so about DL all i do is make sure everyone in the district is good.
answer questions, support and encourage them. get numbers. depending
on all that i give a district meeting according to their needs. esta
bien. training is another story. my comp he is amazing. he came
trained im barely trying. hes awesome. the problem however is that he
is a visa waiter and will leave next week. : ( then..... i will get
another visa waiter. im not sure when he will leave. probably he will
make it to the end of this transfer. : ) but im loosing my escuincle.
oh well. so its been a crazyyyyy first week of this transfer. habia
muchas cosas. i miss elder jones too. he was my favorite comp. and i
only had him for a transfer. tender mercies. tender mercies.

well idk if you remember me talking ever when i was still in
lewisville we were gonna baptize Mari Torres but then i had to leave 3
days before she got baptized! oh well. guess what. she was baptized.
and then later on this transfer, the father Roberto was baptized. now
the kids should too! hoorayyyyy! planting seeds baby. i knew he would
eventually get baptized. so happy.

we should have 4 baptisms this transfer. 2 have a very segura fecha.
Emilia and Rosalia. but this old couple we just need to meet with them
and set one up. they both came to us. so it was a blessing. the lord
is always preparing people for us to teach. seriously.

well hopefully i get my package soon. : ( just here. all alone.
without a package. all alone. no family. all alooooooone.

would yall like anything. souvenirs? i live next to allot of shops.
Mexican ones. that sell cool Mexican stuff. like hats. whatev. just
put money in my account. and you got it. dad did you know that there
is a koa right next to our house? its the Dallas metro koa. muchos

pues debo marchar pero te amo mucho. tiene mi corazon. y recuerdate mi
hijo "NO MANCHES!"

Daniel's letter from last week

hey madre mia!! no me lo dias eso! hay chihuahua huey!
sooooooooooooooooooo i have such good news. such good news. its so goood that im not going to tell you. haha. sorry. im sending a letter home with all the details. yeah. but i will give you a little something of what i did this week. we went to the dallas cowboys stadium. wow. sooo freakin cool!!!! i took pics then my camera died. but we went to the lockers and a bunch of clubs. it was a cool tour. $20. its in our area! so i can go back any other pday if you want souveniers. i almost bought a hat but i cannot afford one. : ( but dad i feel sorrow for you. it was a really cool experience. maybe we can go again. Together. they have the most flat screens in any stadium, plus its the largest stadium in the world. i just know allot of random facts. we went to the vip center where jerry jones hangs out when he watches the games. pretty coool. and the main screen in the stadium was soooooooo big. one of the largest in the world. they showed the highlights of the cowboys. i actually liked football. i think i like it a little now. que raro huh!?
so yeah im a missionary sorry. i work and am serious and am not able
to do things like that. thats sinning. our investigators. really good. we have 4 solid baptismal dates. its transfer week. not saying anything about that. sorry. saved for the letter. aaaaaannnnnnddd. we do not say espanols. if you were to say that it would be espanoles. but those are people from spain. they say espanos. bien sencio. so hope everything is good. write me back. so are you not sending the package until nates done with my ipod?

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