Monday, May 16, 2011

Ammon, 15 May 2011

The best week of my mission. We had so many amazing things happen to us this week. The work it going so well. My comp and I work so well together, we are both willing to work hard so it make the work so much easier to move forward. We led the mission in a few areas this week

Outstanding Performance
Investigators at church:
Sisters Walker and De Leon             6
Sisters Breithaupt and Orme             5           
Sisters Wright, J. and Bodily             5            
Elders Allen, M. and Turley              5
Elders Crandall and Lindelof             5

Member Present Lessons:
Sisters Walker and De Leon               6
Elders Moffett and Braman                5
Sisters Jordan and Johnson, R.           5

Other Lessons:
Elders Smith, A. and Austin              18
Elders Marceil and Molnár                16
Elders Kubricky and Kennedy          15

Referrals Received:
Elders Taylor and Nealy                     5
Elders Smith, A. and Austin               4
Elders Nikolov and Müller                 4

Finds Contacted:
Elders Hansen and van Os de Man    20
Elders Taylor and Nealy                    15
Elders Gardenhire and Galland           9

New Investigators:
Elders Smith, A. and Smith               9
Elders Taylor and Nealy                    6
Elders Marceil and Molnár                5
Sisters Wright, J. and Bodily             5

Recent Convert/ Less Active Lessons:
Elders Dencs and Runnells                 11
Elders Gardenhire and Galland            7
Elders Bouck and Van Wie                  7
Elders Hommes and Wright, P.            7

Copies of The Book of Mormon placed:
Elders Smith, A. and Austin              8
Elders  Kubricky and Kennedy          6
Sisters Wright, J. and Bodily             6
Elders Diamond and Carlsen             6
Elders Nikolov and Müller                6
Sisters Steck and Hansen, N.             6

6+ Days of SYL:
Sisters Wright, J. and Bodily
Elders Ottley and Németh
Sisters Jordan and Johnson, R.
Elders Nikolov and Müller
Elders Leavitt and Murvai
Elders Taylor and Nealy

Great stuff. We have 8 people on bap date right now!!!! I have pictures of everyone, I really want to send them. We are having one this week on the 21st. We are being so blessed with wonderful investigators. We love each of them very much . I didn’t want to show you the numbers of our week to show off but to show everyone that it is possible here! Our next week is going to be even better. This is not an easy thing to do; we had to really try and be exactly obedient in all the rules, even the small ones. You all know that I’m not good with words but I really am enjoying myself and I love seeing the gospel change people’s live for the better. I think one of my favorite things to see is someone’s first prayer with their Heavenly Father. It’s a great thing to be present for.
I hope everyone has a great week. I love you all.

Elder Smith

These are some pictures off of my comps camera, sorry they are not so good.

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